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Our special combo offer ofone pack of Kids size silicone ear plugs (6 pairs) and your choice of children’s size size and colour of the Aqua band for €15 inc VAT. The ultimate in earplug comfort, Mack’s silicone putty molds to the unique contours of any ear.
MEElectronics Sport-Fi M6P Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphone with Microphone, Remote and Universal Volume Control, White Rs. VanGoddy - Vangoddy Hard Shell White Tablet Sleeve + Hands-Free Earphones (Headphones With Microphone) Rs.

The cashback normally gets tracked within 48 hour and the cashback gets paid in cash within 60 days. 3865BUYSumacLife - Sumaclife Blue Tablet Bag + White Hands-Free Earphone Headphones With Microphone Rs. 2771BUYVanGoddy - Vangoddy Black Tablet Sleeve + White Hands-Free Earphones Headphones With Microphone Rs. These plugs are non-toxic but may interfere with breathing if caught in windpipe, which could lead to serious injury or death.

If misused by failure to use as directed, earplug may become lodged in ear, requiring removal by an Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor ONLY!

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