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While most students will either have a visual or kinesthetic learning style as their primary preferred mode of learning, there are students who truly learn best by hearing.This individual learning style is characterized by strong language skills and an ability to remember conversational details.
You may notice that kids with an auditory learning style really struggle with timed tests where they have to write their answers. Note: Many researchers are now saying that there really isn't a dominant way of learning for most people - we need a combination of styles to learn best.
Students with central auditory processing challenges often experience difficulty in the classroom when they have to listen while other sounds are present.
FM System (Frequency Modulation)Teachers of students prescribed a FM System wear the transmitter around their neck which amplifies their voice into the student’s hearing aids.

Please Log-in or Sign-up to post Strategies, Resources, Technology, or Research news and knowledge. Determine what medium is best for an individual child through the Learning Media Assessment.  This may be braille, print, dual media, auditory strategies, objects, symbols, or some combination. Create a literacy-rich environment, in which the child knows that others are reading and writing.
This article stresses the importance of collaboration by the entire education team, including the teacher of the visually impaired, classroom teacher, family, and reading specialist, to ensure that a child who has a visual impairment develops all of the skills needed to become a proficient reader. There are additional strategies throughout this website and we hope that you will share your ideas and questions!

Written information is often difficult for them to create meaning from until they can hear a teacher or another student speak it.
They may or may not be able to locate the source of the sound or identify the correct sound that is made.
Predicting speech is also a difficulty, along with determining rhyming words and other word patterns.

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