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Harley Street Hearing are an independent practice if Lyric does not match your specific needs, we will show you, with clear, easy-to-understand advice, the latest invisible or discreet option in digital hearing technology that is best for you. Lyric is perfect for mild to moderate hearing loss.  The Lyric hearing aid is placed deep within the ear canal and is just 12mm long.  It sits just 4 mm from your ear drum, using the natural properties of your ear’s anatomy, so you hear the way your ears are designed to!
As an independent practice Harley Street Hearing are free to provide the full range of  state-of-the-art hearing aids for every taste and budget and from all manufacturers. North London Hearing has been awarded the Phonak Premium Partner mark in recognition of the high level of service they provide to their clients.
An invisible hearing aid is something most people with hearing difficulties would be interested in. Some invisible hearing aids bring you whistling and other interference instead of clear sound exactly when you need it. Contact us now to book a free appointment with our hearing aid consultant to discuss your bespoke fitting for the new S Series SoundLens from Starkey. Free Hearing TestWe are currently offering a free 30 minutes consultation with our hearing aid consultant with no obligation to purchase any product. The meeting will include an audiological diagnostic test to determine the degree of your hearing loss. The Starkey Group is jumping into the invisible hearing aid market, with five of its brand names selling a tiny new device that fits deep within the ear canal.
Using a common technology platform for products sold under multiple brands is a tried-and-true marketing strategy (think of the Buick, Chevy, Cadillac, and Pontiac automobiles that all share the same chassis and many of the same components). Anyone shopping for invisible hearing aids should be aware of the common technology behind the five products but should also investigate any specific differences in price or minor features.
The Starkey Group products are the latest entry in the invisible in-the-canal (IIC) category of super-small hearing aids.
The benefits of tiny invisible hearing aids are many: because they sit so close to the ear drum, they need less power and amplification and cause less annoying feedback. In the meantime, however, it’s gratifying to see the big manufacturers like Starkey jumping into the market with both feet. I’ve never worn a Lyric but I have to say that if one of those goes deeper than my iSync then they are going scarily deep. Also, because it can be worn all day and night it lets you live your life without constraints. The new S Series SoundLens by Starkey works to reduce and eliminate this while enhancing the speech you want to hear. Not only is it completely invisible, it also has the most advanced technology on the market.
One of the first and best-known IIC products is the Lyric Hearing Aid, an extended-wear device which fits more deeply in the ear canal than other entries in the category, but which requires the assistance of an audiologist for insertion and removal when batteries expire after several months of continuous wear. Get those demeaning and shaming ads off the air before my hard of hearing six year old and all his peers have to be sujected to them again.
Lyric is the only 100% invisible extended wear hearing aid that is worn 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for up to 4 months. It’s one of the most outstanding digital invisible hearing aids available in the country today.

The experience you are likely to have with the SoundLens is far beyond any that you may have had with other styles of hearing aids. The Starkey Group invisible hearing aids aren’t inserted quite as deeply as the Lyric Hearing Aids, but they have the benefit of easy removal by grabbing an invisible plastic filament extending to the outer ear. Unlike many other hearing aids, Lyric is positioned completely inside the ear canal, and it uses the ear’s anatomy to provide natural sound quality.How long has Lyric been on the market? Lyric has already been available in the USA since January 2007 and has established itself as an alternative to other forms of hearing aid: more than 5,000 customers have already opted for this solution. And bells and whistles such as T-coils that make it easier to hear on the phone may have to wait a while as well, until the next generation of miniature digital components comes along. Studies have provided evidence of the reliability of Lyric and the satisfaction of its users.What type of hearing aid is Lyric? It is included in the same product category as all other hearing aids.Does Lyric require any surgical intervention?
After the ear canal has been inspected with the help of the microscope, the audiologist measures its length and dimensions using a depth sizer (similar to an in-situ probe tube) and a lateral sizer respectively. He then uses these measurements to determine whether the ear canal is suitable for fitting with Lyric.
It is not necessary to take any impressions of the ear canal and no anesthesia is required.Is it painful to insert and wear Lyric?
The user may experience a little discomfort as they are getting used to the device, which has been empirically shown to last from a few hours to a maximum of five days. Otherwise, the customer should no longer be able to feel the device once they have got used to it. There are ways you can advertise without continually repeating no one wants to be seen wearing hearing aids. Customers generally undergo a trial period of 30 days before deciding whether they want to wear Lyric on a long-term basis.Under what circumstances would cause Lyric to be contraindicated? The medical exclusion criteria include chronic otitis media, abnormalities in the ear canal or regular medical examinations that require an MRI scan.
Lyric is not a suitable hearing aid for customers who regularly go diving or skydiving.Can Lyric users swim with Lyric? Swimming with Lyric is possible if a custom swim plug is worn.Can Lyric be operated by the user? The SoundLync remote control included with Lyric enables the reader to easily switch the device on and off and adjust the volume.The user can easily remove the device himself – with the help of the removal tool integrated into the SoundLync – or have it removed by the hearing care professional.
It is not possible to reinsert the device, and any new device must be fitted by a qualified hearing care professional.Does the ear canal have to be cleaned during the period when Lyric is being worn?
No more wax can be removed once Lyric has been inserted and the use of cotton buds should also be avoided. If necessary, wax can be removed before a new device is inserted.What happens if the device is removed?
If the device is removed, it must be returned to the audiologist to be disposed of properly.What does Lyric cost?Lyric is sold on a subscription basis, meaning customers have the option to purchase either a one, two or three year subscription of Lyric hearing. Each time a device is replaced, the patient will be provided with the latest up-to-date Lyric technology.Will an MRI, X-ray, or CT scan damage Lyric or place the ear at risk?

Lyric must be removed before you have an MRI.Will radiation to the head damage Lyric or place the ear at risk? Customers who have had radiation to the head or neck EVER are contraindicatedAre bone density scans okay? There is no magnetism used during bone density scans, CT scans, or Xrays.Are Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scans safe? PET scanning is safe, as it involves ionizing radiation and no magnetism.A Lyric user is having surgery under general anesthesia; does Lyric have to be removed?
However, the magnet used to change Lyric settings can affect the pacemaker if placed near the chest. In fact, Lyric can be worn during your daily activities – such as sleeping, showering, exercising, and using headphones.Can a child wear Lyric? However, due to the initial adjustment phase and possible discomfort, Lyric is not recommended for children under 16 years of age.What should be done if the ear hurts? The hearing aid has been safely used by thousands of clinical research customers since 2001 and was first launched commercially in January 2007 in the United States. Currently over 15,000 Lyric users are wearing Lyric.Can Lyric users take the Lyric hearing aid out? Lyric users are provided with a removal tool that is built-in the SoundLync.Who is a good Candidate for Lyric?
A Lyric trained hearing care professionals will assess a customer’s hearing loss, ear size and shape, general health of the ear canal, and lifestyle to determine if Lyric is right for them.
The hearing loss may be sensorineural, conductive or mixed as long as there are no other contraindications (which must be referred to a medical practitioner).Can Lyric be fit on someone with otosclerosis? Medical clearance may also be advised.A customer received clearance from ENT to be fit again after ear canal trauma, but it still looks bruised, what needs to be done?
It is recommend obtaining medical clearance from the customer’s managing physician prior to placing Lyric on customers taking prescription blood thinners.Can Lyric be fit to a customer with exostosis?
According to recently published data of 900+ Lyric patients, no medical intervention was required in the case of MA between the Lyric and tympanic membrane (see Lyric Safety Study article).
However, it should be noted that a 10 to 14 day rest period is recommended before refitting.
In this respect, Lyric is safer than ordinary hearing aids as the battery is completely incased in the hearing aid and therefore cannot come into contact with the skin of the ear canal.Who can place the hearing aid in the ear? At a customer’s initial visit, the Lyric trained hearing professional evaluates the ear, sizes for Lyric, and places the hearing aid(s).How long does sizing, placing and programming Lyric take? Sizing, placing and programming Lyric, along with new customer counseling, takes approximately 1.5 hours.
Hearing aid replacement visits take approximately 30 minutes.Does Lyric require any surgery?

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