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The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was enacted 25 years ago, yet we are still discussing the same issues for people with hearing loss.
The LGBT community uses initials for all the individual groups to form the name and a rainbow to reflect the diversity of the group. Places of public accommodation often have no idea what they should or shouldn't implement for communication.
Both the Access Board and DOJ are able to form Federal Advisory Committees to help them with rule making, but only the Access Board does.
The lack of clarity concerning "effective communication" permits companies to develop hearing access equipment that may not have the best interests of people with hearing loss in mind.
Businesses can provide substandard communication access, such as note writing, as long as the meaning gets transmitted.
Although state and local governments are covered by the ADA, federal government agencies are covered instead by section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, which was the model for the ADA. Otherwise, the promises of the ADA and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act will remain aspirations rather than becoming a reality.
The terms "disability" and "access" have morphed into just meaning physical disability and physical access.
Hearing aids, unlike wheelchairs, are mostly inconspicuous, so hearing loss is an invisible disability.

A recent Disability Pride Parade chose at first to use only a wheelchair symbol and then added the American Sign Language (ASL) symbol to represent hearing loss, even though the vast majority of people with hearing loss do not use ASL.
Therefore, people with or parents of children with hearing loss are not inherently involved in developing DOJ rules.
A major coffee corporation refused to provide hearing induction loops for hearing access at its counters and then rolled out a campaign to discuss race relations, failing to recognize that discrimination does not only involve race. The burden should shift to the government to determine which agency is responsible for addressing the lack of access and not the person seeking the accommodation.
People with hearing loss deserve to have this clarity and access, which is the intention of the ADA and the mandate it was meant to be.
The ADA symbol for people with disabilities is a person using a wheelchair rather than a symbol showing multiple disabilities, but a wheelchair can't visibly represent all disabilities.
Even the means of access are seldom seen--they are a bunch of wires or a small captioning device, whereas ramps are highly visible. It is well known that people cannot drive and text simultaneously because their eyes can only see one place at a time, so it seems incomprehensible that museums, theaters or entertainment venues expect people with hearing loss to watch two places at one time.
In contrast, a bank decided to pilot hearing induction loops in New York City so customers with hearing loss could hear at the teller window and service desk and in the conference room; the bank is now expanding the program to all renovated and new locations. The Access Board should have full oversight for drafting standards for all access whether built in or programmatic.

Two different companies have two different definitions of effective communication for people with hearing loss, who are thus reliant on companies to do the right thing. Yet, the Smithsonian Institution (another quasi-federal agency) refuses to add hearing induction loops to its videos. The ADA should clarify that effective communication for people with hearing loss means full spectrum including audible, visual AND qualified interpretation.
Despite DOJ being the enforcement agency overseeing compliance, the process is primarily complaint driven. There should be vigorous enforcement for lack of compliance. Advisory committees should be convened to provide clarity about what people with hearing loss need. While the health department in various cities cites restaurants for violations, DOJ is not driving around and checking for ADA compliance in a similar fashion. The burden therefore shifts primarily to the people who need the protection, and there are few if any penalties for lack of compliance.

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