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One shot from a gun can range from 140 to 190 decibels, and can cause immediate damage to one’s hearing. So beyond the obvious use of hearing protection (a must if shooting any time of firearm), what are some tips to help protect your hearing while out hunting or shooting? Even with the best hearing protection, long-term exposure to firearms can cause temporary or permanent damage.
To best protect your hearing while hunting or shooting, check out SoundGear, digital hearing protection that enhances environmental sounds and decreases the dangerous high-decibel sounds. Starkey Hearing Technologies is the only privately held, American-owned company in the hearing industry. While you should be wearing hearing protection as a part of your everyday gear, many hunters shirk it off because they report that they can’t hear game coming with plugs or muffs. The truth is, there are electronic hearing protection devices out there that can allow you to hear the soft sounds, but protect your ears when a loud sound happens.
Experts recommend that you might even double up on your protection when practicing – like wearing earplugs under a pair of muffs.
Whether you practice outdoors or indoors, double protection every time you hit the range will help to protect your hearing for years to come.
After shooting some big guns, we sometimes like to think of the little guys as simply meaningless noise. Hunters can develop something known as high-frequency hearing loss, making certain sounds unclear and the speech of others sound like mumbling. Many thanks to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association for their continued work examining the hearing in all of us.
Epidemiology 30 million adults in United States are exposed to hazardous occupational sound levels (National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health, 2000).
Temporary Threshold Shift Exposure to loud noise for seconds to hours may cause SNHL that recovers within 16-24 hours. Macro-mechanical theory Traveling sound wave produces movement of basilar membrane Central part of basilar membrane undergoes maximum rocking vibration.

Therefore, the tinnitus simulator consists of hearing protection headphones that realistically simulate the age-related hearing loss and an external device for playing 8 typical tinnitus sounds. But, shooting any type of firearm without the proper hearing protection can result in severe damage to your hearing, whether temporary or permanent. Silencers offer some relief for your ears by helping to stabilize the loud propellant gases firearms produce when fired. It may not be obvious at first, but any exposure to dangerous sounds can result in hearing damage.
If you are out hunting with a group or standing to wait your turn at a shooting range, keep your hearing protection on or in your ears. Often times, you aren’t the only one out hunting, and if someone close by is using a firearm, your ears are still susceptible to damage. While the sounds of shooting can always be damaging, if you practice in a range with walls, ┬áthe noise will be amplified. What we know is that almost all firearms create noise that is over the hearing damage level of 140-dB.
Among these 30 million, 1 in 4 will acquire a permanent hearing loss (American Academy of Audiology, 2003).
Brains of children cope with loud noise by sound filtering which also includes human speech. Rate of hearing loss in chronic NIHL is greatest during first 10-15 years of exposure & decreases later as hearing worsens.
Right-handed shooters have more severe left ear deafness (left ear faces barrel while right ear is in acoustic shadow of head). This part houses outer hair cells (especially inner row) hence they are subjected to maximum damage. In particular the age-related high-frequency hearing loss increases in addition the effect of tinnitus.
Monroe herself used to avoid using hearing protection because it got in the way while shooting, but said that since using SoundGear, she’s not only been able to protect her hearing but also not worry about the devices getting in the way while shooting.

It should be noted, however, that not all states allow silencers and that silencers don’t mean hearing protection can be avoided. Definitions Noise = wrong sound, in wrong place, at wrong time (Park & Park) Acoustic Trauma = sudden, permanent.
Similarly, Tractor operators look over their right shoulder, exposing their left ear to noise of prime mover + exhaust & their right ear gets shielded. Intensity & duration of exposure: noise > 85 dBA for 8 hr time weighted average is unsafe 3. NIPTS can be reduced by adding prior exposure at lower levels (toughening or conditioning of ear). Unlike other hearing protection products that muffle all sound, SoundGear only reduces sound 95dB and over. SoundGear helps reduce sounds above 95dB while enhancing conversational and natural sounds, so even when you take a break from shooting, you don’t have to take your hearing protection out.
And because it amplifies other natural sounds, not only are you protecting your ears from nearby shots, you’re also giving yourself a better chance at hearing approaching game. Conductive deafness: gives protection (?) against NIHL as less sound gets conducted to inner ear 9. Diabetes mellitus, Hyper-cholesterolemia, Cardiovascular disease: increase risk of NIHL (?) 14. This ensures that if someone else decides to keep shooting nearby your ears don’t get hurt in the process!

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