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The whole thing starts with us going out to have a good time with friends and family, and ends with us complaining about headaches, nausea and fatigue. On top of this, they’ve also proven that the whole hangover immunity that some people claim to have is nothing more than a myth. To reach these conclusions, the research team talked with hundreds of students, asking them about what their drinking habits were and what their state was after spending a night drinking.
Looking at these answers, as well as the weight and the gender of each subject, helped the researchers build a model that allowed them to deduce what blood alcohol concentration each of the subjects had. Joris Verster, assistant professor of pharmacology working at Utrecht University (the Netherlands) and lead author on the study, offered a statement saying that “In general, we found a pretty straight relationship: the more you drink, the more likely you are to get a hangover”. He added that “The majority of those who in fact reported never having a hangover tended to drink less”, and proposed that these people may have had the habit of drinking “less than they themselves thought would lead to” hangovers. Professor Verster and his colleagues then started testing whether or not drinking water or having something to eat does indeed affect one’s chances of experiencing a hangover.
The results showed that subjects who followed this advice actually showed a very slight improvement, but not enough to make any difference. The idea that water helps cure hangovers may have come from the belief that dehydration may have something to do with the unpleasant state. About the AuthorAbout Denise EhrlichDenise would describe herself as one more of an experience witness than a journalist. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Herpes Cure 2015: Is There a Hope for People With HSV?Home Herpes Cure Herpes Cure 2015: Is There a Hope for People With HSV? People who have herpes often step into the New Year with great expectations: they are hoping that this will be the year when scientists finally discover herpes cure. At the beginning of 2015 there were a lot of speculations about major companies, such as Vical Incorporated and Genocea Biosciences and the development of herpes cure.

The good news is that there are still a lot of herpes cure researches currently in progress. While scientists were looking for herpes cure in 2015, more people started to show compassion for herpes sufferers, and many people who have herpes began to understand, that their diagnosis is nothing to be ashamed of.
The World Health Organization has finally acknowledged the seriousness of the herpes problem and shared frightening statistics. Just a reminder: there a still no FDA approved herpes cure, Several studies have shown, that antiviral drugs and some natural remedies can speed up outbreak recovery time and minimize the pain, itching and burning. Even though herpes cure has not been discovered in 2015, that does not mean, that your life is over. Even if you are having a nasty painful herpes outbreak right now and you are all depressed and have no one to talk to, remember that this won’t be like this forever. Many people think they have an idea about how to get rid of them, but a new study has shown that there’s no such thing as a hangover cure.
Some say that drinking water or having something to eat will help with these symptoms, but a group of researchers from Canada and the Netherlands say that that’s not the case.
The main questions related to how many alcoholic beverages each subject consumed in the month before the survey, the hours that each subject usually start drinking at, and the severity of their hangovers. This in turn made it possible for them to notice the differences between subjects who said that they experienced hangovers and those who said that they did not experienced hangovers. The subject without hangovers did not have some secret, magical cure that kept their head from pounding, they simply reported drinking less alcohol than the subjects who usually had hangovers after a night of drinking. Professor Verster concluded that the only way to stay away from a hangover “is to drink less alcohol”. But professor Verster says that it’s more than just dehydration, a person’s immune system also suffers when exposed to excessive alcohol consumption. Howard Forman, medical director for the Addiction Consultation Services from Montefiore Medical Center (New York), offered a few thought of his own. Soon after graduating, Denise worked as a journalist during the presidential campaign of Senior US Senator John McCain.
But by the end of each year they realize once again, that there is still no cure and that they will have to deal with herpes every day for yet another year.
Genocea actually achieved some positive results in reducing bacterial infection, but unfortunately, statistical significance was not achieved.

For example, Ella Dawson shared on her social media, that she celebrates the day she found out she had HSV-2, and Dr.
According to WHO, 67% of the population under the age of 50 are affected by oral herpes (Type 1), and 417 million people are affected by genital herpes. Antiviral drugs sometimes cause side effects, and in some cases people develop a tolerance for them (or they can even stop working whatsoever) after using those drugs for extended periods of time. If you are in pain and experience frequent outbreaks – adopt a healthier lifestyle, it will certainly help you control herpes outbreaks.
He agreed that drinking water is pointless, but also mentioned that eating high-fat foods (like peanuts) while drinking slows down the rate of digestion, which means that alcohol is absorbed at a slower pace into the system and that people are able to drink more alcohol without reaching a blood alcohol concentration that leads to hangovers. Or maybe some inspirational stories from herpes patients who found a way to control HSV and live an outbreak-free life?
Today people start to realize, what herpes really is and they are more acceptable of people who have it than before. Eat more fruit and vegetables, get enough sleep, quit meat, coffee, sugar, alcohol and smoking, start exercising – and you will feel like a new person very soon.
This means, that this year we finally made a first step to discovering herpes cure, but there is still a long journey ahead of us. Herpes virus can be controlled and people can live outbreak-fee if their immune system is strong enough to fight HSV. We should not get our hopes up and expect any big breakthrough, and then get upset when it doesn’t happen. Instead, we should believe in ourselves and take good care of our bodies in order to live happy and healthy lives. You can learn to control your emotions and achieve everything you’ve even dreamed of.

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