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It seems like the there are thousands of the websites about Rheumatoid Arthritis which tout one cure or other. The other day someone became particularly angry with me after I typed this: There is no cure yet for RA. It is almost impossible to tell what causes a remission in someone whose Rheumatoid Arthritis remits anyway.
This site is written by a person living with Rheumatoid Arthritis who wants to see this disease eradicated from the face of the earth. 1) Some people do not treat their Rheumatoid Arthritis as they put their faith in a false cure, so they suffer greater permanent damage from RA.
2) As long as the public is confused about what RA actually is, what it is like to live with it, and what treatments and cures are available, it will remain difficult to educate the general public or obtain widespread support for a greater movement to find a genuine cure for RA. Barriers to Rheumatoid Arthritis diagnosis: What Makes Diagnosing Rheumatoid Arthritis So Difficult?
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Dorothy Parker was an American poet, short story writer, critic and satirist, best known for her wit, wisecracks, and eye for 20th century urban foibles. A frequent occurrence is claims made by people to have found a solution for balding, but most have been found to be of no use.
The sad truth of the matter is totally different and all the before and after photographs you are shown are misleading. Before we go ahead and look at what can be done; let us look at why and how this baldness occurs in men. It is not a good idea to play with our genes and taking anti-male hormones has many side effects; including depression and sexual dysfunction. DHT – The answers are provided by Mother Nature – two natural Dihydrotestoteron blockers (DHT). Saw Palmetto and Green Tea – Researchers found that green tea and saw palmetto counter baldness. Photobiotherapy – This works by activating the hair follicles and improves the thickness, strength and quality of the hair, with the use of a low-level cold laser beam. Trichology has advanced tremendously and with the help of the latest technology, follicular count can be taken. In the past, transplantation of hair made one look like they have a bush growing on the head. I have been using a salve of comfrey root and its flowers because it contains allantoin which is a cell enhancing compound, and it has stopped my hairloss and regrown some hair.
So, I asked a friend who is always current on research for Rheumatoid Arthritis treatments to give me an opinion on RA cures. Thanks for visiting this unique site full of information and encouragement to fight Rheumatoid Disease.

This surely is not intended to disappoint all those looking for options to do something about their baldness. Launched in 2007, we continually grow and expand our powerful network of quality, hand-picked websites and directories. However, there other reasons: RA’ers  are predisposed to several conditions which can be combated in part by nutritional methods. Could it be that medical science has just done so much in our lifetimes that we expect a cure for Rheumatoid Arthritis to materialize soon? My friend said that we are decades away from a cure, especially since we do not yet understand how Rheumatoid Arthritis begins.
RA may flare and remit alternately without progressive damage or with increasing damage and disability.
And more significantly, if any substance could cure RA, it would work on the severe unremitting Rheumatoid Arthritis which has no natural remissions. Dorothy Parker #shero #taolife, boredom, curiosity, dorothy parker, poster, quote, shero, taolife, The cure for boredom is curiosity, The cure for boredom is curiosity. We consider it our mission to become a superior informational resource for even the most discerning user. These RA’ers can show only modest improvement even on disease modifying medicines (DMARDs).

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