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Jan completed his schooling from Berlin and within there he studied at Hochschule fur Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch additionally he also acted within Deutsches Theater located within Berlin and his working started from the year 1987 till the year 1990 with the great and progressive performance as made by him.
Jan in the father of 4 children and his love stories with his girlfriends is very interesting one after another. Jan height is 5 feet 9 inches in tall and his weight seems approximately appropriate along with his fitness and healthy as 170 Lbs.
Attributed to Jan Josef Horemans (I) (1682–1759) There she is again, but this time it is a little safer environment. Jan Josef Horemans I  ( 1682 – 1759 ) Watch for this girl, she is going to show up in tomorrow painting too. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. His birth date is located in Dresden, East Germany and from the active year 1986 till the current time he is active and serious in working into entertainment industry as actor, producer as well as director with his variety of personality. After his education and theater working he started presenting himself in minor films during the very time in 1996 and he got break from Rossini-oder die morderische Frage where his absolute performance won the heart of millions of people with his adorable acting and unique form of presence.

For the very first time he got married with Alexandra Tabakow after the high duration of their affair. Jan salary and net worth on looking to his bio is estimated to be around 3 million American dollars. For a safer, faster, more enjoyable user experience, please update your browser today or try a newer browser. Detail: school, children, chair, bobbin lace,  broom, book, door, picture, candle, shutter.
Jan as being the son of director is also the reason why he is successful upon and across the industry. As his interest was also within motorcyclist therefore his started his trip also in the year 2007.
They were also dictated as the most romantic and amazing spouse seen among their fans but unfortunately this couple due to high level of misunderstanding and conflicts got divorce after some duration of their married life. Jan shoe size is 10 and he claims his net worth is higher than the last year on looking to his increasing amount of salary.

His mother herself is an actress whose name is Brigitte Liefers- Wahner and her father as mentioned earlier is a director named as Karlheinz Liefers. For the second time he again in the year 2004 got into the married life with his girlfriend and her name is Anna Loos.
His father and mother met for the very first time in premier of one of the film and from the very time they started being in an affair.
Till the present phase viewing to his bio there seems no any announcement of divorce among the spouse and they are now having the stable married time.

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