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The cut-off date for Visa processing of Employment-Based Category 3 is now at January 1, 2014 in the recently released Visa Bulletin for February 2015. US Department of State has posted the upcoming Visa Bulletin which summarizes the availability of immigrant numbers during February 2015. We might be seeing a Current status in the next few months with this pace of visa processing movement.
Me and Gus want to thank you for everything you have done for us , that in fact hasn’t been easy as a process !! We all have been through a lot of stress , waitings , emails , phone calls but … now we’re all happy to see that this process is over !!! I called SGM Lawgroup by viewing all the reviews and experiences of many friends who shared on the web,then i called to that law group and explained the situation of mine as my case is quite complicated one(H1B RFE) ,Steve is the person who arranged an telephinic conversation with attorney Shilpa Mallik,i explained about my case and what iam going through then she viewed all the documents and told me that she will work on my case and gave me a positive hope that she will do her best in responding about my case. Shilpa's analytical ability ,years of experience and professionalism makes her the most thoughtful, thorough, and, most importantly, the most result oriented lawyer I have ever being a client of. The July 2015 Visa Bulletin has officially been released by the United States Department of State and while there are no significant changes for those born in India, we do see a minor movement in the second preference category for China. EB-2: The date for EB2 India remains at October 1, 2008 while we see an advancement for EB2 China from June 1, 2013 to October 1, 2013.
EB-5: Continues to remain current with the exception of China which moves to September 1, 2013. FB-1: The cut-off date for China and India as well as all countries of chargeability are October 1, 2007.
FB-2A: We see an advancement of a little over a month for China, India, Philippines (and all countries of chargeability) to Nov.

Do you still have questions after reviewing the July 2015 Visa Bulletin Predictions and Analysis?
If there any changes to the July 2015 Visa Bulletin or any additional developments our office will publish an update. On December 14, 2015, USCIS released an updated Visa Bulletin chart listing the dates to file adjustment of status applications starting in January, 2016.
The Department of State’s (DOS) January 2016 Visa Bulletin showed minor movements in the employment-based visa categories. The Department of State’s crystal ball is out with some predictions released for early 2016 Visa Bulletins in the employment-based (EB) preference categories.
In the most recent Visa Bulletin, for March 2016, the Department of State made projections for potential monthly movement in all categories. Tagged with: dos visa bulletin january 2016, dos visa bulletin january 2014, dos visa bulletin january 2015, dos visa bulletin january 2013, department of state visa bulletin january 2014, department of state visa bulletin january 2015, department of state visa bulletin january 2013, us department of state visa bulletin january 2014, us department of state visa bulletin january 2015.
So if you haven’t taken the NCLEX yet and applied for US immigrant visa, you might want to do it now. Malik and Steve thank you for being part of our journey , and helping us to be together and having our family soon !! She listens carefully to client questions and comments and responds quickly and clearly with analysis and advice aimed directly at the issue. Our immigration attorneys are best able to prepare these documents and address any issues which may arise during the process. The DOS has indicated an increased demand in the EB2 category which has resulted in no real movement to the EB2 India date.

The lawyers at SGM Law Group can address any questions or concerns you may have regarding your priority date. Department of State (DOS) released its January 2016 Visa Bulletin highlighting the processing dates for employment- and family based green card applications. The US Visa Bulletin for January 2016, issued by the Department of State (DoS), showed movement in dates to allow for earlier processing of employment based immigrant visas in some cases. The most significant movement was in the Indian EB-2 category which advanced by another 8 months, to Feb. Notably the DOS projects forward movement in all Employment-based categories for the April 2016 Visa Bulletin. In this recap we’ll provide an in-depth analysis along with predictions for the coming months. We specialize in everything from employment-based cases to family, deportation, marriage and more. She understands and embraces the human factor associated with her cases I would recommend her to anyone for legal representation.

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