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We want to show our jewelry displays in use with hopes that some of our merchandising will inspire you to try one of our displays in a way that you may not have thought to use it and to show the versatility of the products we offer. You definitely have a lot of options when it comes to displaying accessories in your store, no matter how wild the decor! You could also use swivel clips to clip the hair ribbons and bows and hang them anywhere in your store. For any retailer that is on the go and traveling to trade shows to sell their wares, grid panels and accessories are a portable and easy to use system to “set up shop” anywhere you go!
Use a combination of accessories like shelving, brackets, peghooks, waterfalls, baskets, hangrails and even lights to show off your merchandise. Bright colors will stand out against chrome, white or black panels, and set up and breakdown are easy. These excellent shapes make an interesting display for necklaces and other types of jewellery. The jewelry can take on a completely different look depending on what color displayer you choose.

If you are looking to display a large amount of hair bows all at one time, consider some different types of floor displays.
It rotates and is very light and portable so you can move it around to suit the changing display needs of your store. Since your store is fun and funky, don’t be afraid to go wild with any of your displays! Both slat-grid panels and square grid panels can be attached to legs or rolling bases to create an attractive and enticing display. We feature a lot of different types of jewelry displays that can really make your merchandise shine.
There is also a counter-top version that is perfect for those impulse buys at the check out. There are thousands of combinations that are affordable and sure to help you sell your merchandise.
Whether you’re selling high end jewelry or everyday fashion jewelry, we have a display piece that will allow your jewelry to take center stage.

Just attach some slatwall peghooks and you will be able to have a display that rotates for customer convenience. High-gloss varnish as well as the covering of the displays with high-grade imitation leather or textile lend the jewellery display a sophisticated finish. Whenever you display jewelry it is important to remember to display like items together to tell a style story.
Keep in mind that whether you display jewelry on a tabletop, counter or inside of a case, always use lifts and levels whenever possible. Lifts and levels allow the eye to wander throughout the display which is more visually appealing.

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