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Acrylic Dispenser: Acrylic Leaflet Holder brochure holder, Bread Box, Candy Box, cosmetic diplay, cosmetic stand, cosmetic displayer 2.
We specialize in laser cutting, laser graving, hand-made and silkscreened acrylic products for promotion prupose.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.

Acrylic Pendant: Acrylic Keytag, Acrylic Luggage Tag, Hanging Sign, badge, Acrylic bracelet 3.
I would like to take a chance to introduce our scope of product as follow: 1) Paper Weight -Silkscreen & Paper inserted 2) Pendant -Keytag, Luggage Tag, Hanging Sign 3) Household -Jewelry Box, Towel Shelf, Tissue Box 4) Restaurant -Menu Holder, Reserve Stand 5) Frame -Photo Frame, Poster Frame 6) Activity -Medal, Luck Draw Box, Trophy 7) Desk Top -Name Card Holder, Pen Stand, Ruler, Document Tray 8) Light Box -Led Display, Rotating Light Box 9) Dispenser -Lealfet Holder, Bread Box, Candy Box, Cosmetic Holder 10) Laser cutting and graving We hope that we will strong up both relationship in the coming future. Household: Acrylic Jewelry Box, Towel Shelf, acrylic optical display, Acrylic display cabinet Acrylic Tissue Box, acrylic chair, crylic cigarette box, Acrylic shoe display, Acrylic vase 4. Activity: Acrylic Medal, Acrylic Luck Draw Box, Acrylic Trophy, Acrylic prize, souvenir, gift 8.

Stationery: Name Card Holder, Acrylic ruler, letter opener, Acrylic pen holder, Document Tray 9.

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