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Looking through a well known fashion magazine recently, it struck me how many of our most lovely celebrities have amazing, well groomed, and voluminous hair. It's pretty easy to create well groomed, shiny, bouncy hair if you follow a few simple steps and use a few of the right products.
After conditioning, wrap your hair in a towel rather than rubbing it and allow the towel to soak up any excess water. Next, whilst your hair is damp, apply a thickening blow-dry lotion or spray from root to tip of your hair and comb through. Whilst your hair is still warm from the dryer, wrap sections around large velcro rollers and allow to cool whilst you finish getting ready.
Lastly, remove the follers and gently brush through your hair to create a shiny soft finish. The video below has more great tips on how to give your own hair lots more volume and shine!
If you are about to get away on a sunshine holiday and want to look after and style your hair easily whilst away, or if you just want to create the look of having wandered home after a great day at the ocean's edge, beachy hair is for you. Beach hair reminds us of the beautiful heads of celebrities such as Elle Macpherson and Jennifer Anniston, and we are pretty sure that they use premium products to create their own beach head styles. Well unfortunately, you have to have shoulder-blade length hair to begin with, so for those of you with a short bob or crop copying the Duchess will take some time. You definitely need to give your hair some care and attention for this look, no frizz is allowed!
Once you have your hair at the optimum Kate length ensure that you go for a trim every two or three months.
Start blow-drying your hair from the front and using a round brush pointing downwards move the hairdryer and the brush down through your hair at the same speed holding the hairdryer about 5 inches away from your hair. Once each section is dry roll it up on a medium sized Velcro roller and pin it to your head. Finish off with a little serum to give shine and define layers and then mist over with hairspray.
More and more Hollywood celebrities of the present day are returning to the classic styles of the old silver screen stars and starlets, perhaps because the female filmstars of the last century had true iconic style and glamour? You will need to blowdry your hair to create body with this style, so we suggest either spritzing your hair so that it's damp or wash and condition and towel dry. Start with a side parting on the side you prefer, then apply some smoothing hair serum to control frizz and protect your hair whilst blowdrying. Next heat up a medium sized curling tongue and starting from the front sections of your hair curl the lengths, leaving the roots flat.
If you have any little flyaway hairs appearing on the crown of your head, rub a tiny amount of smoothing serum on the palms of your hands and gently smooth the hair, without flattening the body you have created. Finish with a light spray of hairspray to lock in your style and to keep those beautiful waves looking gorgeous. Fishtail plaits are the lastest hair trend to hit the celebrity red carpets as well as the fashion show catwalks this season. Then divide your ponytail into two sections - you will need to look into a mirror when you are doing the next part. Take about a third of one of your sections of hair from the back of the section, and pull it around to the front, then draw it across so that you can hold it with the second section. Moving onto the second section of your hair, repeat the above, taking about a third of the secton from the back of the second section of hair and pull it around to the front of your plait, and cross it over so you can hold it with the first section of your hair. Continue repeating the above two steps, you should start to see the fishtail appear after another couple of times of pulling your hair around to the front and crossing over to the opposite section. Keep on pulling sections of hair across until you reach the bottom of your plait, and secure with a hair elastic.
Then gently pull wisps of hair from your plait to give a textured look, and finish with hairspray to hold in place. If you want to create the Missoni twin fishtail plait look, then divide your hair as you would do for pigtails, and follow the above steps for each plait. To start, prepare your skin using a light, natural foundation and apply over your face to give a flawless and light coverage. Using a black eyeshadow, and a good eyeshadow blender or brush, work the shadow all over your eyelid up to the creaseline and then create a wing effect on the outer corner of your eye. Then using a black kohl eyeliner pencil, apply all along the lower lash line, smudging the eyeliner to soften the look underneath the lashes. Using a good black mascara, coat both your upper and lower lashes twice to add to the dramatic effect. Then with a gold glitter eyeshadow, which can be found in makeup collections such as Rimmel or Barry M, apply the gold eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eyelid and blend it into the inner corner of the lower lid.
You will need some eye jewels to complete this look, and these are available at Boots, Superdrug or online, apply these to the outer corners of your eyes, following the instructions, using three or four. To finish off the look apply a natural peachy, pink powder blusher to the apples of your cheeks, and then blend up along your cheekbones. The only thing to do now is to wait for your friends to be amazed when they see your new, dramatic look for the party season! Using either a light concealer or a neutral foundation apply to your complexion to cover any imperfections until you have a neutral blank canvas to work on. Finish off your complexion with a subtle sweep of neutral face powder, and then add a bloom of subtle peach colour over the apples of your cheeks and lightly across your cheekbones. Line your lips with a nude lipliner and apply your lipstick - keep the colour to a fairly neutral peachy, pink shade. Next section your hair from the crown of your head and back-comb your hair to add more volume.

We think this style suits Reese down to the ground and it is surely inspired by the glamour of the sixties. This style can look severe, but you can choose whether to make your sharp parting straight down the middle of your head, or to the side - if you choose the side, curve the parting from the crown of your head.
Some have commented that Anne looks just a tiny bit nerdy here, but I like this style – its pretty and casual.
This ponytail does require some pretty hefty hair length, but you could always cheat with clip in hair extensions. Katy Perry is known as the beautiful American singer, songwriter and actress who married Russell Brand in 2010.
Blusher: Choose a powder blusher in a baby pink tone, one that reminds you of the 50s era - think Marilyn Monroe, and blend this in along your cheekbones, rather than over the apples of your cheeks. Eyebrows: These should be pencilled in with a dark brown eyebrow pencil, ensuring they have an alluring arch in the middle. Eyes: Use a set of false eyelashes and apply them to your upper eyelid - they need to be the long and luscious kind that Katy uses.
Blake Lively looked radiant in a silver dress at an event celebrating the 80th anniversary of the Chanel Fine Jewellery 'Bijoux De Diamants' collection held in NYC today. Once everyone had arrived, Sophie quickly introduced the brand to us, before letting us play with the beautiful jewellery on display.
Below are a few all-round favourites of the night - they look even more stunning in person!
If you love the jewellery, but can't make it to a trunk show, join us and shop my sister's party here! Even if you are not looking your best or you are going makeup free, a good head of shiny and well looked after hair can totally change your appearance - from plain and relatively uninteresting to cool and glam! There are plenty of products available which promise so much, like defining curls, adding shine, mending split ends, but we think it's so much more fun to create your own individul hair product. If you are wondering why bother and not just pop out and buy something off the shelf, creating your own styling product means you can tailor it to your own hair type, add additional moisturising products if you hair is dry and also add your own perfume. For approximately half a pint of warm water you will need to add two good heaped teaspoons of rock or sea salt (the more salt you add to your mixture the firmer your finished product will be in your hair). Darker shades also exude health, so opting for a darker shade may also make your hair look more healthy.
The benefit of a longer style like this is that you will not need an expensive trim as often as with a shorter style. If you want to create these retro curls and waves with your own hair here's how to do it in a few easy steps. It's easier to pin up the top layers of your hair and start by blowdrying the bottom layers, and then work through your hair unpinning a section at a time, until you have dried all sections completely. When each curl is done pin them to your head to hold the curl with a hairgrip until all the curls are finished. Draw your hair into a low ponytail to one side of your head, don't worry if wisps of hair are left out of the pony tail as his look is meant to have texture. When they are finished, pull them so they hang to the front of your shoulders framing your face, and use hairspray to hold in place. We have watched Emma grow up from a cute, fluffy-haired little schoolgirl in the first Harry Potter film (where she was admittedly a bit of a know-it-all!) into a pretty and attractive starlet who is as comfortable on the red carpet as she would be in her own home.
You might want to dust below your eyes with loose translucent face powder before applying the black eyeshadow, as this will help you to brush away gently any eyeshadow which falls below your eyes without creating any smudges.
For your lips, apply a natural dusky pink lipstick, don't use a lipliner, but keep the colour looking natural.
All of big fashion names have been recreating the iconic 60s look, but giving it a subtle modern twist. If you wish, prior to applying the mascara you can add some individual false lashes to the outer edge of your upper eyelid.
All the big fashion names have been recreating the iconic 60s look, but giving it a subtle modern twist. Well think again, as this season the red carpets and Hollywood venues have been strewn with celebrities such as Amanda Seyfried and Reese Witherspoon sporting their own special versions of this classic hair do.
To create this look, first use a hair-straightener or large curling tong to create flicks at the ends of your hair. Unless you have naturally waved hair, create horizontal waves down your hair in the thirties style with rollers. Prepare for this look by plaiting your hair overnight or for several hours before an evening out.
She is also known for her unconventional style, which can often be humerous, bright and reminiscent of decades past. Blend them in with some black gel eyeliner and black mascara on both your upper and lower lashes.
The newlywed actress didn’t flash her own newly-acquired piece of jewellery, her wedding ring, instead keeping her hands in her pockets for most of her photos.
What you may not know, however, is that my sister is just as fond of their jewellery as I am. I confess, I was a bit worried about the stylist being pushy, but the lovely Sophie just took a step back and let the pieces do all the talking. Remember, every little bit helps and if helping means stacking some more rose gold bracelets on my wrist or treating myself to a hot pink clutch, you can be sure to count me in! Born and raised on the French Riviera, I now split my time between sunny France and London where I worked and interned for some well-known British publications, including The Times, Stylist, Marie Claire, Company and Harper's Bazaar, all whilst completing my MA at Central Saint Martins. We noted as well that these were relatively reasonably priced products compared to many other salon shampoos and conditioners.

As all the ingredients used are easy to find day to day items it will also only cost you pennies. Add two teaspoons of hair gel, one teaspoon of conditioning hair serum and about eight drops of essential oils. You may want to opt for a salon treatment but this can cost around £150 for a serious keratin treatment. Leave the curls for 10 minutes and then remove the hairgrips and brush out the curls to create bouncy, flowing waves. At the New York premiere of the Harry Potter film, The Deathly Hallows Part II, Emma monopolised the red carpet in her Bottega Veneta golden dress.
If you weren't around for the first time the craze for Bardot bed-head, eyeliner and nude makeup took hold of world then you have to indulge in the look this Autumn.
If your hair is straight create some curls by wrapping sections of your hair around a large curling iron, or use hair straighteners to create lift and waves from the roots of your hair.
Then use hairspray again to keep in place and either wear your hair down, or use hairgrips or pins to create a loose and messy up-do. If you weren't around for the first time the craze for Bardot bed-head, eyeliner and nude makeup took hold of the fashion world then you have to indulge in the look this Autumn.
Different celebrities each have their favourite versions, and here are a few of them, along with easy tips on how to create each different style of ponytail.
Next create some height on the crown of your head by gently backcombing your hair with a narrow tooth comb. Then secure your hair into a ponytail low down at the nape of your neck using a neutral elastic, leaving some waves free around your face to frame it. Finally pull your hair back to the nape of your neck using a paddle or bristle brish to create a smooth and sleek finish, and fasten with a band.
Strangely she likes to use fruit shaped accessories, mostly watermelons, as part of her outfits. She herself uses foundation and powder, so don't be afraid to use it youself, but stick to a natural, light shade. Keep the look matte and not glossy - again a throwback to the era of the early sirens of the silver screen. Your eyelids do not need any colour, but you can use a neutral shadow to shade along your socket line if you want to add more depth.
Her husband, Ryan Reynolds, didn’t join her on the black carpet, but he linked up with her inside the event and was with her over the weekend for the wedding of Amber Tamblyn, her co-star in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.
Needless to say, it wasn't long before everyone started trying things on, running back to Sophie to place their orders. I've just written about a couple of ChloBo pieces for Autumn but looks like I'll be getting some more jewellery after reading this! I am now working as a freelance fashion journalist and my life is a fair mix of everything you can find on this blog - and so much more! Mix this together until the salt has dissolved in the mixture, and pour into your spray bottle. Although the dress is amazing, we were mostly interested in her amazing smokey, gold leaf eye makeup.
Whichever shade you choose, make sure you blend like crazy to ensure there are no harsh lines. Then take the ends of your ponytail and tuck them back up through the elastic to create a casual loose knot.
Secure the hair at the nape of the neck using a glamorous hair band and then brush through the lengths.
Chanel favourite Diane Kruger chose an embellished blue dress for the occasion, Elle Fanning displayed her quirky style sensibilities in a velvet dress and hat, and Alexa Chung picked a sweet frock. So naturally, when her stylist, Sophie Mitchell, contacted her about hosting a trunk show, she happily agreed - much to my excitement. I, myself, ended up making a cheeky little purchase, the Sidewinder bracelet, which I am sure you will see on my arm very soon! We might not be able to afford the dress for this season's parties, but the eye makeup is definitely something that is attainable, and we have found out just how to create this amazing look, which would look fantastic at Christmas and New Year parties, or just anytime you get an excuse to put on some dramatic and sparkling eyes.
The look can be worn daytime or evening, and it has benefits too, like widening and opening up your eyes with the elongated eyeliner lines and false lashes.
The look can be worn daytime or evening, and it has benefits too, such as widening and opening up your eyes with the elongated eyeliner lines and false lashes.
When it comes to makeup she usually has signature red lips, and her makeup and hairstyles call to mind other celebrity beauties like Dita Von Teese or even Elizabeth Taylor in her twenties.
After all, what is there not to love about a night of sparkles, friends, laughter, bubbly and delicious nibbles? The evening went so well that by the time Sophie left, almost all of us had treated ourselves to some new Stella & Dot goodies. All that was left to do was to sit down and talk about our new purchases, while sipping a glass of Prosecco and enjoying some of my sister's delicious red velvet and Nutella cupcakes. I may invest myself..XReplyDeletegirlinthelens04 October, 2012I can see why you love them - all the pieces are gorgeous!

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