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With one of the youngest populations in the world, India is ready to reap the demographic dividend of a large, young workforce over the next several decades. The top end of over 700,000 people out of India's population of over one billion is estimated to have individual liquid wealth of about $1,00,000 (Rs 44,13,000) which is likely to go up to $1.1 million by 2009. With a strong GDP growth, rising salaries, and low social security, savings rate are likely to rise even further. Lack of access to savings mechanisms and credit is one of the biggest challenges for villagers in India. According to a World Bank study, in Andhra Pradesh, 59% of rural households lack access to deposit accounts and 79% don’t have borrowing facility from the organised financial sector. Reasons could be (a) credit aversion (b) no distinction between good and bad paymasters (c) propensity to save is high due to insecure healthcare and social security concerns. Airlines, railways and others are now selling tickets online and it is cheaper than buying through an agent or from the airline. There was this article about citibank or someone hiring goons to get an executive woman to pay her credit card bill. A grocery store in India figured out that its cost of capital was much higher than what their customers were earning in a savings account. Jewellers in India give lose guarantees that upon return of the jewellery, value of the metal in jewellery adjusted for workmanship costs will be redeemed.

This can be an opportunity for banks to step in, whereupon the banks can underwrite the value of the jewellery and assure full value upon jewellery redemption. Mobile network providers have a very wide payment collection system for their pre-paid and post-paid recharge cards. Mobile network providers can design a special payment card mechanishm, wherein each subscriber has a logical money account associated with their number.
This will enable a subscriber to pay the amount to a 3rd party via the pre-paid card vendor. Here, a customer can pay cash to a approved vendor who is associated with a mobile telephone network. Salespeople are reflected in a mirror as they stand at the cash counter inside a gold jewellery showroom in Kochi February 25, 2013. Top Stories Donald Trump's money man schmoozes with billionaire donors Trump and Ryan: Who will come out on top in this GOP battle?
Buying these uniforms must put immense strain on the family finances, but education is highly valued.
This represents a cumulative liquid wealth of $203 billion, estimated to go up to $322 billion by 2009.
We term this investment area as the 'lifestyle segment.'" - Nilesh Shah, President, Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Co.

Bankers too complain that though the rural potential is huge, they don’t have enough knowledge about the rural customer.
They came up with a scheme whereby consumers could give them a deposit and they would give them coupons to shop in their store. This acts as a big incentive for people to invest in jewellery as principal amount is secure. Banks can extend loans to people to buy jewellery, whereby interest is charged differently for the value of the metal (lower interest rate) and higher for the loan against workmanship. Corporates in turn will pay the pass provider and in turn hand over such passes to their employees, who can only purchase ration with such passes. The pre-paid card vendor in turn can credit the amount in the payment card of the 3rd party. The population is growing faster than schools can be built to accommodate them, so the schools work on a shift system. The effective interest rate that the consumer was getting was higher than what a bank offered them, however the interest rate was however lower than the cost of capital for the grocery store and they got loyal customers.

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