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Any time I go shopping with my mother or my nan, it won’t be long before one of us says the famous four words, ‘I could make that’.
It was no wonder then that I grew up loving to make things – clay food and miniature clothes for my dolls’ houses, jewellery that you bake in the oven, papier mache bowls, glittery projects from Just Seventeen magazine.
Along the way I’ve fallen for beading, knitting, cross-stitch, embroidery and dressmaking – and still little excites me more than rummaging through remnants bins or spools of ribbon and making things out of them. Many people have credited Debbie Stoller, editor of US feminist magazine Bust and founder of the Stitch ‘n Bitch movement – which made it cool for young knitters to bring their yarn and their yakking to cafes and bars – for kickstarting the craft revolution. Today, crafters are turning that idea on its head and simply celebrating the joy of making things and learning how to do it together. And, yeah, it may seem selfish to squander quids we don’t have on those cute vintage buttons, or to hide our fabric stash under the pillows, but crafters have the last laugh in that we can always make something for someone else – and homemade presents always go down a storm.
Although there are hundreds of women creating and selling jewellery (making the competition quite fierce), there is still always room for new people getting in on the act.
Again, just Google the appropriate keywords and you will find more starter kits and courses near your town.
If you want to go down the route of starting your own jewellery website, then you need to buy a domain name and rent hosting from a hosting company. What you must realise when you have your own website is that you will need to do a lot of marketing (Internet marketing) to get visitors to your site.

This book is witten specifically for people like you, home-based jewellery sellers, and because of his Psychology background, he has written it as an expert on the psychology of selling handmade jewellery. This is a fantastic book is you want to specialise in selling your handmade jewellery though parties.  Lorri also covers topics such as getting an Online presence, marketing your business through social media such as Facebook and Twitter and eBay selling tips. Upcycled guitar picks made from old hotel room cards, gift cards, points cards and old credit cards. Whether we actually can, or ever do, doesn’t matter – we’ve just all got the itch to stitch. My mum can whip up a pair of curtains in a day and, when we were younger, my brother and I were frequently dressed in her appliqued and smocked ’80s creations (more fun for me than him, I should think). It’s even more exciting now you can go online and buy Japanese Kokka fabric or buttons off Etsy and read craft blogs from somewhere in Glasgow or Minnesota or Sydney. And I know she, and Bust, had a massive impact on me – particularly for celebrating the feminist aspect of crafting.
There’s nothing nicer than giving (or, yes, receiving) a truly awesome gift because everything you make for yourself, or for someone else, is a story in itself – the colours you pick, the fabrics you choose, the time you spend, and how you wrap it up and give it to them .
My Nanny Rita is an expert knitter and her late husband, my Grandad Bill, built me dolls’ houses as well as a boat that the whole family holidayed in.
A skate punk who couldn’t skate, I added swathes of denim to make my jeans even wider, stitched patches to rucksacks and threaded hundreds of bead bracelets.

Once the preserve of apparent weirdos such as myself who collected lollipop sticks and bits of foil that ‘could be useful’ – it’s cool, it’s sociable. Of course loads of men craft (I remember my Grandad Derek telling me about the socks chaps knitted during the war) but sewing and knitting and the like were looked down on until recently, because they were things women did – in the home, quietly, while the men did the important stuff. In this engaging excerpt from her book Just Sew Stories, Katie Allen reveals what it is about crafting that inspired her to write the book, and celebrates the sheer joy of making.
My father’s side of the family has artists and gardeners galore, and give him some fibreglass and some kind of ratchet and he’ll build you a car.
People host craft and cocktail nights – there are classes in lampshade-making and lino-cutting. I often see their wonderful designs when they upload the photos of their master-pieces on Facebook.

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