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Working with both copper and silver, this course, which is ideal for beginners, will enable you to design and create your own unique piece of jewellery in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.
To start with you will be guided through the basic principles of jewellery making, including metal piercing and soldering metal. Through an informative induction you will be provided with all the relevant health and safety information needed regarding good workshop practice.

A set of 6 wax carving tools and carving wax, all other equipment is provided and details will be given as to where to purchase silver.
The first piece you make will be a ring, and then there will be a chance to use carving wax for the ‘lost wax casting’ process.
After the introduction to these skills, the second half of the course provides the time to work on your own collection of jewellery, under the supervision of an experienced tutor and technician.

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