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Start of  by taking the gear wire and measure it according to the garland length or you can take the gear wire around 32 inches, always take excessive wire of the actual length of the garland since shortage may create problem. After cutting the gear wire, take the necklace Dori rope with hook, you can also use the necklace Dori rope without a hook, I used a necklace Dori rope with hook since we can remove it at anytime when it get faded, but you cannot do so with necklace Dori rope without hook and connect it with Rings Connector, ring connectors are available in gold, silver and brass colors, you can use the color based on your pendant color, here I used gold color since my terracotta jewellery pendant has gold finishing. After connecting the ring connector, take the gear wire and insert it into two gear lock, then into the ring connector which hold the necklace Dori rope, then again insert the gear wire into the two gear wire which we already inserted the gear wire, now you could look that the rope got locked, then tighten up the gear locks by pulling the gear wire.

After pressing the gear locks, start inserting the terracotta jewellery beads one by one, here  I inserted 17 beads to have my garland to a medium size, if you want long terracotta jewellery garland you can also add more than 17 beads as per your desire and then add the terracotta jewellery pendant which we made in our last tutorials, and then add the rest of the beads, here I add 17 beads to equalize the garland, please note that you have to add beads in the same proportion in both sides of the terracotta  jewellery pendant.
After inserting the pendant and beads, then insert the two gear locks, then insert the gear wire into the other end of the ring connector which holds the necklace Dori rope and then again insert the gear wire into the gear lock which is already inserted. You could notice that a small gear wire would peak out, don’t worry, we can insert it later into the beads.

In this session we are going to learn how to make garland with the terracotta pendant which we made in these last three sessions….

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