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The signal came alive again at a recent workshop organised by the Nigerian Export Promotion Council, Lagos, where a septuagenarian expatriate who had resident in the country declared that the Nigerian petroleum deposit will be over in the next 22 years. It is pertinent to say also that the government recognises this perceived danger, which is why a separate ministry was created to foster the development of the solid mineral potentials.
Some of these incentives include: (i) deferred royalty payment depending on the importance of the project.
This desire to boost Nigeria's precious and semi-precious stones, especially tourmaline, aquamarine, emeralds, saphire, suby, zircon, agate, topaz, garnet and fluospour, is to bring investors closer. It is followed by Israel with high concentration in Tel-Aviv, though more fragmented than in Belgium with a large number of small operators, many of who perform strictly specific intermediate processing jobs. Israel in recent times is seen spearheading the development of new processing technologies.

The industry is also growing in many other European countries, the USA as well as in Asia ,like Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia and Malaysia.
But the gemstones cutting and polishing industry is concentrated in Belgium, Israel, the USA, India and Thailand. Precious stones include diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald, while semi-precious stones include Tourmaline Garnet, Ziron, Aquamarine, agate, etc.
The commercial value, hardness, and durability of semi-precious stones are normally less than that of precious stones.
Ensure that fissures and inclusions do not go too deep into the stone, as it will break easily if hit accidentally. However, the fissures and fractures that are characteristic of emeralds are traditionally filled with oil to minimise their impact.

Regarded as the birthstone for May, the month of springtime romance and the anniversary gemstone for the 20th year of marriage, the perfect emblem of an enduring love.
The British crown jewels are full of large blue sapphires - making it a symbol of wise rulers.
You can also find smaller sapphires in round brilliant cuts and a wide variety of fanciful shapes like squares, triangles, marquises; pear, cabochon cuts. However in recent times, blue topaz enhanced from pale look are now obtained in Nigeria, China, Sri Lanka and Brazil.

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