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Hi Octane Industries is going to be offering this workshop regularly once a month or more if needed. In this fast moving fun & creative 1-day workshop, students will get hands on experience carving a wax model. In the first half of the day, students will learn how to design and carve a  wax model or modify one of our wax models.
After lunch and our flasks have been burned out the a kiln, all the wax models are individually centrifugally cast with the instructors help, in your choice of Sterling Silver or White Bronze.
Students will leave the workshop with a metal original.  You will have a choice of white bronze or gold bronze or sterling silver , carving wax, and tools, are available for purchase in the studio. Classic Soutache braid is a favorite among seamstresses for adding a touch of elegance to accessories.

For those of you who own my Celtic Braid and Cretan Braid tutorials – this weave is the same – but this is a MUCH easier, versatile, and inexpensive way to accomplish it! This ancient technique has been used for centuries and we think it should be kept alive, and we want to share the process with you. All hand tools, casting, and mold making equipment are available in the studio for use by the participants. Presented in an easy to understand, step-by-step comprehensive format, with clear, sharp, and close photos. Once this wax model is completed, it is invested in a casting flask, and prepared for casting. You'll actually create your own basic, surprisingly simple tool that makes this weave , well, SURPRISINGLY EASY TO MAKE - no more jigs for us!

Numerous tips and troubleshooting make this project easy to finish and help you create your own personal variations.
We will then cast your model in Sterling Silver, and then how to polish your finished castings will also be covered.  This is a great opportunity to learn all you need to know to make jewelry using the lost wax casting process, from start to finish.

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