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After I got my contributor copy in the mail, I felt at peace and was encouraged by all the designer’s creations being so different. If you are new to wire working, you will definitely be challenged by this book, but the step-by-step instructions will get you through each link. If you are fairly experienced  in wire working, you will not be disappointed and will find unique links that expand your wire work horizons. Here is a picture of a necklace I made for the book called Create Your Dream, using the lightbulb link. I also have a bracelet design in the book featuring the wrapped infinity link, pictured in the center above. If you can’t wait another minute to see the book,  then by all means go here to get the ebook directly from the publisher.
Leave a comment by clicking on the comments below the title of the post above and let me know a little about yourself.
I will randomly draw a number at the end of the day on the the 20th from the comments below and pass the winner  along to Cindy. I am joined by 4 other incredibly talented designers in this book and they each have a stop on the blog hop. I am making my blogging re-entry with a post about pearls and a design challenge that inspired me from Mishel Designs.
Pearls also happen to be one of my favorite gems to use when I am making jewelry and I have quite a collection of cultured freshwater pearls in different colors, shapes and sizes.
I was playing around with a double leather link and wire wrapped it with pearls and a few tiny bead caps as an accent. I knotted smaller 6mm, large hole pearls on brown C-lon bead cord along with faceted, sterling silver nuggets and faceted clear quartz. For my second design, I created a pair of asymmetrical earrings strung on 26g sterling silver wire.
I tend to buy most of my pearls in person from a variety of vendors at bead shows I attend.
I like to see and touch the pearls because the luster, color and texture of the nacre, the outside coating of the pearl, can make a pearl amazing or just completely flat and so, so. However, I have purchased pearls from many of the popular online bead stores and if you do, make sure they give the pearl a grade.

Head over to Mishel’s blog for more buying resources and to learn about the history and the vast variety of pearls that exist. There has been a lot of nothing happening on Make Bracelets lately – hasn’t there?
Jewelry making has largely been pulled off the table except for a special project, a quick trip to a bead show and very few special orders lately. The possibility of Singapore surfaced several months ago when my husband was asked if he would be interested in a new position overseas.
All these thoughts have been taking a turn in my psyche over the last few months making it a bit hard to concentrate. I found out that one of the biggest  jewelry trade shows in the WORLD happens each year in Singapore in October!
I’d love to hear from you if you have lived abroad with elementary or middle school aged kids for a few years, especially Singapore or other Asian countries.
I haven’t purchased silver sheet or wire for quite awhile because I stocked up the last time prices were semi-reasonable and I use it sparingly because of the prices. I thought I would pass along this info to you if you have been wanting to invest in a little silver but have been scared by the high prices and have sort of given up on silver as an option. I was feeling a little sassy the other day after looking at the numbers and dove into my silver stash with less caution and went for some nice thick 16 gauge wire and whipped up a little sterling silver bangle for myself. For those of you that don’t know Darn Good  Yarn, Nicole works with factories overseas and upcycles silk scrap from garment factories in India and Nepal that would otherwise be thrown away. Just look at some of these delicious colors –  They are so perfect for spring and summer. After many comments, personal emails and Pinterest pings about these beaded leather Infinity links, I have finally poured my heart out and created a mini video workshop to help you unleash a little leather link creativity. I show you step-by-step in an over the shoulder view how to create these awesome leather links. A video photo gallery at the end of the lesson that shows some  beautiful ways you can add designer touches to these links to kick start your creativity!
I will provide you with my list of favorite vendors I use online to purchase the materials you need to get started making these cool leather infinity links.
Click the Buy Now button below to purchase through PayPal and you will be on your way to making your own leather link creations to add a new look to your jewelry designs!

The log-in information is sent to the EMAIL ADDRESS that Paypal has on file for you when you order. If you know some other creative people who you think would like this video,  please share this post. Nina Designs asked four of their blogging design partners to participate in a little Design-Off, so-to-speak, using some of Nina’s beautiful sterling silver jewelry making components. I sat and looked at my choices for quite awhile not quite knowing what direction I was headed.
I made sure to carry the silver ball theme from the fun circle wheels throughout the earrings so I grabbed my torch, took my fine silver wire and created some large balled head pins for the gemstones.
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The shopping cart and checkout will not function unless you enable javascript on your browser. Our secure and easy to use shopping cart means you can purchase any of the beads or beading products from our range knowing that you are shopping within the safety and security of a fully secured website. When I first started making jewelry and started paying attention to silver prices it was about $12 an ounce.

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