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Originally just selling butane, propane and mobile gas heaters, the company was quickly recognised by multinational companies such as BP LPG, Air Products and Camping Gaz, who in seeing a professional and forward-thinking company appointed us as their local distributor.
Due to the new markets available to us through our industrial gas customers, growth has been both rapid and strong. Situated in the St Philips area of Bristol, we are behind Temple Meads train station and a stones throw from the Bristol Dogs Home.
Deliveries within Bristol are generally next day, although urgent local deliveries can usually be accommodated on a same day basis. Our customers value our personal service, commitment and reliability, and we have an excellent reputation for getting the job done.
We are distributors of all the Bullfinch range of heaters, boiling rings, torches and gas lights as well as the Primus and Sievert ranges of burning torches for roofers, plumbers, jewellery making, heat shrinking and cable jointing.
We also have another website which allows you to order helium balloons and accessories online. Cookies are small text files that download to your computer to help websites run more efficiently.
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Extensive glass-working facilities alongside the support of an excellent, highly qualified and experienced team of tutors and visiting master glass artists.
South East UK college with a programme of glass making courses that include flamework, glass beads, glass fusing, stained glass, kiln-formed glass and glass engraving. Creative Glass Guild is a specialist glass company who stock an extensive range of stained glass supplies and run courses in stained glass and glass fusing, jewellery from glass, sandblasting and engraving glass.

Warm Glass supplier also running a programme of courses in Fusing, Slumping, Jewellery, Casting and Engraving from its Bristol Studios. Lead: C Section 6mm x 3mm This is a 6mm wide lead with a 3mm heart, perfect for more delicate edging work.
Black Jack chain is a strong, 16 gauge chain suitable for hanging panels and heavy stained glass work. We have grown steadily by offering unrivalled service and commitment to our many customers. Built on the ability to deliver orders quickly and correctly first time, for years we featured in the top 10 distributors for Handygas and Air Products in the country, a fact we are extremely proud of.
If you choose to continue to use this website then we will assume that you consent to us using cookies in this way. Courses in glass blowing, kiln forming, fusing, slumping, beadmaking and lampworking, and all at a beautiful riverside location in the west country. We offer a practical introduction to learn glass blowing, with individual tuition by our master Glass-blowers. Use it to adhere all types of mosaic tiles to a variety of substrates including wood, glass, cement, drywall and medium density fiber board (MDF). Great for tiffany lamp work, leaded lights and copper foil hangings, darkened chain does not stand out like bright bass chain.Price per metre. In 2013, after BP sold off its LPG business, we switched from Handygas to Calor Gas distribution.
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Mosaic Artists can now eliminate the tedious task of having to glue each glass or tile piece and then wait hours or sometime days to cure before grouting.

If any lead sizes go out of stock we may have to substitute for another manufacturers lead without notice.
Whether you are bonding to either glass, metal, ceramic or plastics, NO Days Mosaic Adhesive Film ensures your mosaic will be built with ease held together with strength allowing others to enjoy your mosaic masterpieces for years to come.A Few Easy Mosaic Assembly StepsSimply place down your glass or tile pieces on top of the mosaic film and heat. Note that we cannot accept any returned lead.Choose from Individual Lead Cames or Full 25kg Lead Box.
When heated, the adhesive film will begin to flow adjusting for any surface flatness conditions and voids that may exist. You can even stack a few sheets of film if you are working with extremely uneven surfaces or pourous surfaces.Re-Working after Curing with NO Days is NO Problem!A unique characteristic of NO Days Mosaic Adhesive Film is that you can easily remove or reposition pieces of your mosaic, unlike other traditional liquid or cement adhesives. Once you heat and cure NO Days Mosaic Adhesive, it can be easily re-worked by simply re-heating. The strong bond provided by the mosaic adhesive film prevents glass and tile movement when grouting.Outdoor Mosaic ApplicationNO Days Mosaic Adhesive Film was designed with outdoor weather conditions in mind. This temperature is high enough that it cannot be reactivated by outdoor weather conditions.Trace Your Mosaic Pattern (preserve your original sheet)Trace your pattern directly onto your glue! The amount of clarity with NO Days Mosaic Adhesive Film is dependent on the designers ability to apply uniform and even heat to activate the adhesive. If NO Days Mosaic Film is being used in glass to glass application where there will be no grouting, then the film can be easily cut to match each glass piece so the adhesive film will only be present underneath the cut glass piece and not within the area between the cut glass pieces typically where the grout would be applied.

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