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RK Jewellers, an eminent Indian fashion jewellery brand, has recently hit fashion news headlines of lifestyle magazines, for the latest launch, titled “Zistatva”.
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A Sanskrit word meaning culture, “Zistatva” – the collection of upcoming bridal jewellery designs – is expressive of Indian sensibility, ethnicity, tradition and heritage in design, with international appeals. Mezi stays at the forefront of the Australian jewellery market with seasonal inspiration trips delving into the depths of Morocco and Egypt’s sueks, interior, food, lifestyle and culture. Lovingly made timeless pieces made of double rhodium plating, Swarovski crystals and alloy base.

Indian weddings are a spectacular extravaganza with gleams of bridal jewellery, glamour of bridal outfits and glitz of other fashion accessories. Each of the designs in the collection has been conceptualized based on the global popularity of Indian ethnic fashion and designed ensuring subtlety as well as exclusivity. Inspired by the age-old ethnic fashion of India and its appeal to fashionistas across the globe, “Zistatva” is the interface between imagination and reality.
This seasons hottest metal rose gold a trend incorporated into our collection will inspire and indulge your jewellery style.
India’s wedding fashion jewellery market thrives on innovations, contributed by jewellery brands and designers.
Embellished with diamonds, Kundans and other semi-precious stones, each of the designs in this collection is a masterpiece.

With jewellery fashion trends 2013 in buzz, premier brands like RK Jewellers are gearing up for wedding ceremonies in 2013, through the launch of their latest collections. Let’s explore what RK Jewellers has in the offing for new brides this year and in the year of 2013.

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