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Before jewellery cabinets, glitzy girls were forced to wear every item of jewellery they owned at once, resulting in a far greater frequency of magpie muggings. Glittering Groupies stash their jewellery in style with a standing mirrored jewellery cabinet. Get an extra 15% off local restaurants, spas, salons, and more to use within 48 hours of your Goods order!
We accept as Payment, if you wish to pay by this method please call us on the telephone numbers below or email us directly thank you. There are quite a lot of people who have made a good use of these free standing jewelry boxes and what about you? Why buy a standing mirror and a jewelry armoire separately if you can have them both in one piece. A jewerly armoire that is great for anyone loving their jewelry and looking for a way to display it beautifully and in a classy way. This exquisite bridal cuff bracelet has been made using silver plated (non-tarnish) wire which has been intricately weaved with various ivory glass pearls and crystals to create this one of a kind stand out piece of wedding jewellery.

You are worthy of deep, wide love, of feeling joy all the way into your bones, of your dreams becoming real, of standing tall in your light. The ring just arrived and though I was planning on waiting until getting home to share it with my fiance for the first time, I caved and tore into the box at work. A contemporary fashion symbol, these edgy owls are given an update with chain link tassels dangling below.
Self-styled glamour girls kit out with the help of the lengthy mirror on the front of the cabinet, allowing for fast-paced and faux pa-free accessorising. The Greenfield family are recorded as emigrating from Australia to Belgium at the beginning of the 20th Century and were killed during the conflicts of WWI. Browse through all these photos and see if any of these arrangements would suit your taste. Brass tone box and link chains are strung alongside olive tone leather, for striking contrast.
This 9-by-11-inch magnetic accessory gallery turns your prettiest metal baubles into a tangle-free, space-saving display.

Measuring approximately 43cm x 47cm x 146cm, this cabinet is deceptively compact in size, while boasting a roomy interior containing 144 earring slots, 48 necklace hooks, 91 ring lots, two small drawers and six shelves divided into eighteen compartments.
FREE gift boxes and jewelry pouches included with every item purchased from OVERSTOCK SILVER! A bountiful bevy of handy features keep Groupies’ goodies safe and sound with a keyed lock for security, a catch bar to keep the mirror from tilting too far forward and solid wood stand to ensure that the cabinet stays on its feet. If you cant live with that, I would suggest only to clean the piece with a clean, lint-free cloth, or a micro fibre cloth.

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