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You can never go wrong with this Green and White stone fashion jewelry set which is a mix of traditional and modern designs. Euro Mirror Jewellery Cabinet (White)EURO MIRRORED JEWELLERY CABINET Lockable Mirror Jewellery Cabinet with Drawers FULL LENGTH.
Mirror Jewellery Cabinet (Black)FRENCH  MIRROR JEWELLERY CABINET This Stunning Modern style, free standing cheval mirror with lockable jewellery cabinet. Oval Cheval Mirror (Hardwood) Mahogany  OVAL CHEVAL MIRROR Stunning Colonial style, solid hardwood timber cheval mirror.

For a royal and rich look wear this exquisite looking Indian Designer Jewelry set in exclusive design and intricate craftsmanship. Customers are requested to check the size before buying since picture shown is not exact size.
Beautiful design is embellished with shining and sparkling white & light pink color stones all over. Customers must have seen these designs and finish only in either silver or real gold antique jewellery.

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