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By now, we’ve grown used to the statement necklace, but this year, designers are pushing the concept to new limits. Necklaces will become an integral part of your overall fashion statement in 2015 by assuming the role of a collar. To pull off the single earring trend, look for an earring that is very large and adorned with crystal beads, fringe, flowers or intimations of lace. Absolute hit this season will be and somewhere already are “Chanel“ Giant Pearls!
Karl Lagerfeld knows very well how to give each collection that special touch of elegance and style, this time all participants at a fashion show in Paris were thrilled with the pieces of jewelry made ??of large pearls, which have a very short time become a totally hit.
The New Year is a perfect time to revamp your look and one of the easiest ways to do it is with your jewellery.
Last year the statement necklace ruled the sartorial scene, but in 2015, it’s all about statement earrings.
If you love wearing rings, then you’ll be among those who embrace the ring stacking trend –multiple and different style rings layered and worn all at once.
Whatever trends you do try, make 2015 a year of having fun and experimenting with new looks. New year, new you: Jewellery trends to try in 2015The New Year is a perfect time to revamp your look and one of the easiest ways to do it is with your jewellery. Happy New You: Make 2015 the year of giving to yourself and to othersNothing marks a fresh start better than a new year. COMING UP ROSES: THE RISE OF ROSE GOLD ENGAGEMENT RINGSIf pink is the colour of romance and gold a symbol for strength, it is no wonder the latest trend in engagement jewelry is rings crafted out of rose gold.
JEWELLERY: A GIFT FOR ALL OCCASIONSAside from being beautiful to look at and a constant reminder of the affection you share with someone, jewelry is a versatile gift that can be given at any occasion.

The Promised LandAlthough the name is self-explanatory, the meaning behind promise rings is widely misunderstood and has been for centuries. Large, jewel-toned floral necklaces sparkle big enough to render a dress collar unnecessary. Some earring hoops were large enough to touch a shoulder, and others featured bamboo motifs. To Which One You Can Not Resist?Mica keya on Can You Imagine Your Life Without Chocolate Or Without Sex?
In particular, estate-inspired jewels which possess the feeling of having been passed down through the family. Defying the convention of wearing only jewellery that matches, this trend encourages wearing different metals all at once.
So go big, bold, colourful and brilliant – just make sure whatever earrings adorn your lobes are conversation starters. There really are no rules with this trend – except to consider proportion, comfort and personal style. Brassy shades of gold are the favoured look, but whatever metal you choose, this trend steers away from the petite towards pieces that have longer chains and dominant shaped pendants, such as circles, lockets, hearts and crucifixes.
Despite the innovation coming in 2015, the styles are surprisingly easy to work into an existing jewellery wardrobe.
We found chunky bracelets, bracelets adorned with fur, and even bracelets that have so many tiny chains pulled together that they look like fringe.
In cuffs, look for big, beautiful geometric designs or heavy cuffs with designer medallions. Many designers went tribal by making the most of natural materials, such as wood, hemp, naturally dyed beads, and fringe.

Others are reminiscent of a gorgeous, embellished bracelet that trails past the wrist to wrap around the thumb. The bigger and bolder the look, the more you convey your knowledge about what’s trending for 2015. To Which One You Can Not Resist?kevinmorrison723 on Outstanding “Berta” Wedding Dresses For Winter 2014 ! Consider classic pieces like diamond and pearl studs or drop earrings, and pendant necklaces set with dark hued stones such as sapphires, opals, emeralds and rubies. So, if you’re up for it, have a go at mixing and matching all your silver, gold, and rose, white and yellow gold pieces together. Try stacking a trio of delicate rings onto one finger, adding a few thin bands with chunkier rings or layering rings on both hands.
If you’re accessorising with them, keep it simple with one or if you’re after a bolder look, wear them on both arms or pair a few together.
Whatever your choice, layer your chains, disregarding the need choose between silver and gold. Fashion-forward enthusiasts rave about this new trend, but they do caution to avoid rings and other bracelets when donning a handlet.

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