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Can you deliver to a different address than my billing address?Yes, you can specify your preferred delivery address when you place your order.
How long does Standard Delivery to the UK take?Please allow up to 5 working days (excludes weekends and Bank Holidays) after you placed your order for free Standard Delivery. Are there any places where delivery might take longer?There are a small number of postcodes, usually in remote rural areas, where we cannot guarantee delivery within our usual timescale.
What if I'm not in when you deliver?Your order will be generally delivered anytime between 8am and 5pm and a signature will be required on receipt. If you are not around to take delivery of your order, you can contact the carrier directly to rearrange or the carrier will leave a calling card informing you how to rearrange your delivery.
Is there a cut-off time for Special Delivery?If you place the order before 2pm Monday to Friday your order will be dispatched same day and will be delivered to you next day. You will receive an email with information about your delivery once your order has been despatched. What should I do if I no longer want the goods I ordered?If, on receiving your order, you decide you do not wish to keep the goods, you can return any item you are not completely happy with within 14 days of the despatch date for an exchange or full refund. Please be advised that orders returned without filled in Returns Form will take longer to process.
On receipt of the returned item, and in accordance with our refund policy, we will refund the payment card the price paid for the item.
What should I do if I have received the wrong item, or the item is faulty?In either event, please return, as above, the relevant item to us for a full refund. Once payment has been taken( if you have changed your mind about the order and it is too late to cancel) then you can return any unwanted items to us in accordance with our refund and returns policy mentioned above. There are a few companies who make very low-quality jewelry that are trying to cash in on the increased popularity of the triple forward helix piercing.
We just wanted to remind everyone that many people are not anatomically-suited to have all three of these piercings done.
While it can be disappointing not being able to get the piercings you want, trying to force piercing into locations they don’t want to go is usually uncomfortable, unattractive and usually results in the piercings having to be abandoned. Fortunately, there are lots and lots of other three-piercing options available in the even this combination doesn’t work for you. We have started receiving some emails, as well as a few comments, saying that piercers are telling folks that this picture is fake. We can assure you that our picture, as well as the pictures of other well-executed triple forward helix piecings are most definitely NOT fake. Any piercer that is telling you that this picture is fake falls in to the category as the same type of piercer as we’ve mentioned in our previous updates.
In addition to the information in our last update, we have also been seeing a lot of photos of these piercings online, as well as getting comments, about piercers telling people that these piercing needs to be done with rings. This entry was posted in General, Jewelry, Piercing and tagged body mod, body modification, body piercing, ear jewelry, ear peircing, helix, helix piercing, Jewelry by Saint Sabrina's.
Hey i have gone and got the triple helix but the piercer in my town doesn’t have the jewelry. 1) If the piercings are done correctly, by an experienced professional piercer, they will be over very quickly. 2) With any piercing, the anticipation of what is going to happen is almost always worse than what actually happens.
Jay: If you are getting all 3 done at once, we give you a $20 discount on the piercing fees, so they would be a total of $70. Also keep in mind that while a slightly longer post might be necessary initially to accommodate for swelling, it may be possible to downsize to a shorter piece of jewelry once the swelling has subsided and the piercing has healed up a bit. Hey,from reading all the comments I understand the tripple forward helix is obviously 3 seperate piercings either pierced all at once or at 3 different times. Emma: The numbers you listed are the gauge of the jewelry, which refers to how thick the posts of the jewelry are. As for the heart piece of jewelry, we would strongly suggest seeing an experienced piercer for help putting it in. I was thinking about getting this or a tragus piercing soon, where would you recommend near Seattle? Also, if i got either around mid June would it be okay by end of july enough for outdoors, dirt, camping, etc.? If you are considering the Triple Forward Helix, keep in mind that not everyone is going to have the anatomy for this piercing to work.
With the piercings only be a month old, you are definitely taking your chances a bit subjecting them to lots of activity and dirt. Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me, are these piercings equally spaced apart or is there variation to allow for the different sized studs?

Alex: yes, we start them with the studs shown in the photo, or with lots of other types of studs. And, as we always say, keep in mind that many people will not have the anatomy to properly support this full set of piercings. I want to get this done soon, is there a place near Greenville, SC that you suggest I go to? 1) The laws regarding piercing minors vary greatly from state-to-state and sometimes even town-to-town. 3) You will probably not want to sleep on the piercings for the a good portion of the healing period, both from a comfort perspective as well as that sort of pressure and irritation can really affect the healing of the piercing.
I had this piercing done 4 or 5 weeks ago but in the last 2 weeks the middle earring has fallen out 4 times.
Body Manipulations, Braindrops, Nomad and Cold Steel in the SF, Industrial Tattoo in Berkeley and Blue Star Tattoo in Concord. I was wondering if you could find a place near London, Ky that did the triple forward helix?
We reserve the right not to deliver orders if we believe the address is not secure: for example, to a communal postal address or PO Box. If you are not around to take delivery of your parcel, you will be left a calling card informing you how to rearrange your delivery. You will receive an email confirming that the refund has been actioned and your card credited. Please allow up to 10 days for the return to be processed and up to 30 days for the refund to appear on your bank statement.
On receipt of the returned item, we will refund the payment card the price paid for the item. Ears, and their various folks, nooks and crannies, come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.
If the piercers in your area can’t find the jewelry (something that should be VERY easy for any piercing ordering jewelry from reputable, high-quality jewelry companies), we would be happy to sell the jewelry to you. Please understand that we may not be able to recommend someone for everyone and the person we can recommend to you may also require you to drive a few hours. Also, include the name of the town and state you would like the piercer to be in, but please also include one or two larger cities near you.
You can visit our Facebook page and see pictures of other triple forward helix piecings, and similar variations on that piercing. Do not be pierced by anyone who is spewing false information like this…information they most likely know is false.
Each of the piercings should take less than a second to do, with perhaps a few more seconds for putting in the jewelry.
We purchase all of our jewelry from companies that specialize in high-quality jewelry and they only sell directly to piercing studios.
We posted this same picture to our Tumblr blog about 7 months ago, which is when the piercing started to get a lot of recognition.
I know this is an off the wall question but by any chance, is there a place around the Dallas, TX area that you would recommend I go to to get this done?? But everywhere I call to see if I could get it done told me that they couldn’t pierce the forward helix with anything but a hoop or bar because of safety. For many people, the ridges of the ear are shaped in such a way that doing all three piercings isn’t an option. You will have to make that decision for yourself, but if there is a time when you will b ea little less active or outside a little less, it might be better to wait until then. I have seen a few people who have them and they all have had to use hoops until it healed and was wondering if I had to use hoops first. We carry a huge selecitn of jewelry, so our clients have a lot to choose from for their piercings. They are simply doing what someone showed them at some point in time, and they have not bothered to expand the scope or depth of their knowledge. So, instead of offering to order it for you and doing the piercings when the jewelry comes in, they are trying to get your money as quickly as they can by putting in the jewelry they have in-stock. But I have a few questions about it: 1) I am only 16, so would I be able to get it despite my age, even with parental consent?
In addition, different piercing studios can have different policies regarding which piercings, if any, they will do on minors…even with parental consent. If you aren’t close to them, you may want to contact them to see if they can recommedn someone in your area.
The first could be that the quality of the jewelry isn’t great, so it is coming loose much easier than would be considered normal.
They are super awesome and carry great jewelry and have both done guest piercing at our studio.

After buying, just e-mail us your wrist size along with your order number to have this sized for free. Please be VERY SKEPTICAL if you find this type of jewelry being advertised on-line and the price seems too good to be true…we can pretty much guarantee you that it is. Before leaving a comment asking for a studio in your area, please take the time to use the search function on your browser to search the comments for your city, or other major cities in your area. Because of this, not everyone have the room or the necessary shape to accommodate all three of these piercing. Unfortunately, not every town, and not even every larger city, will have a reputable, experienced piercer.
Therefore, they are either tell people it is fake to avoid looking inexperienced or they are straigh-up lying to people. Any piercing saying that these piercing need to be done with rings clearly doesn’t have an understanding of what can work in these piercings, or what is actually best for healing. This combination makes the piercings MUCH harder to heal with rings and greatly increases the likelihood of healing problems and excess scar tissue formation. The jewelry should be very easy for an experienced professional piercer to find from one of their suppliers.
The picture going around now on Pintrest (which is where most people seem to see it these days) was done by a friend of ours in Oregon. Keep in mind however, there is no way to guarantee we would be selling you the exact size you need since we can’t see, and measure, your piercings. Generally speaking, for the same jewelry that is in the picture, or something similar, the total is around $170. A piercer should be able t do that without worrying about mis-bending something and ruining the heart shape of the jewelry.
But, honestly, these piercings should be pretty straight-forward for an experience piercer with the appropriate jewelry.
As for the jewelry, you should be able to start with the jewelry shown in the photo right away, assuming the studio has the jewelry on-hand. I am interested in getting this done but live in the UK and am not sure how commonplace it is over here (when i search the internet looking for an idea of cost nothing really comes up!), so would like to go into it with a rough idea of what to expect so i know if they are doing it right!
Just like an profession, things in the body piercing world change…new techniques, new jewelry, new piercings etc. In addition to not looking the way you want it to, you are also going to run in to the healing problems listed above. However, if the piercings were done with gems of the same size, then they would be spaced equally. Having the understanding of anatomy to know who this piercing will, and won’t, work for is really important. It took my tragus a while to heal properly but i was wondering if you knew any piercers in VA. Noah and Christopher are both fantastic piercers and the studio has an amazing collection of jewelry.
But, when it comes to the health and safety of your body, shouldn’t you be willing to put forth a little effort and money to ensure you are getting pierced by someone who will take good care of you? If you come in to the studio we can go over all your jewelry options and we will then be able to give you a much more accurate price. We can generally get something that will work, we just can’t guarantee it would be the ideal fit. The length of the posts will depend upon the thickness of that part of the ear, which obviously varies from person-to-person.
And, like other professions, some people take the time, energy and money to keep themselves educated and informed, and others don’t. The spacing on them depends upon the specific pieces being used, and to some extent, the anatomy of the person getting the piercing. While we can’t vouch for those two guys personally, the bit we do know about them would indicate they are great piercers with good ethics and standards.
This irritation damages the delicate tissue your body is trying to create to heal the piercings, so healing takes longer and is more likely to be problematic. I lost one of my balls and since my bottom piercing is still swollen it hurt worse to have my piercer to put another one on then it did to get it done!
I can’t wait to find the cute labret style barbells to put in i have been shopping since I got it done lol my friend that pierced mine said to come into his shop and he will change them out for me at no cost to me when ever it is healed and I do find something for it!

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