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The September Jewellery Show is the largest annual Jewellery Show in Hong Kong and therefore has become the most attractive to thieves. They have advised that whilst the Police have enhanced their manpower both in the form of uniformed officers and undercover officers, individual exhibiters need to safeguard their own property and be aware that the primary target of thieves is round white brilliant cut diamonds of various sizes generally 2 ct.
The below guidelines provide generic security guidelines which we would recommend are followed to help minimize any potential loss.
Diamonds should be weighed at the start of a viewing, during a viewing and at the end of a viewing, before the customer leaves.
Nicola White has risen (is still rising) through the ranks of a well-known firm of Chartered Insurance Brokers.

On 25th November, George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, delivered his Autumn Statement to Parliament. Investor in Customers (IIC) are a leading business assessment company focussing on customer experience. T H March were thrilled to have been awarded 2 out of 3 stars following such an assessment, graded as "Outstanding". We are proud to hold the "Outstanding" award from the IIC, and will strive to further enhance the customer service we provide to all our valued customers.
An interruption to your company’s normal operations—even one that is brief—can be costly.

IIC measure excellence in the field of customer service and customer relationships through independent assessments of actual customer feedback.
Limited Registered in England No 116175.If you should be unhappy with our service we have a complaints procedure, details of which are available in our Terms of Business.

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