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Our factory was established in 1998 and has since become one of the China's leading producers of fashion jewellery and accessories. APHRODITE FASHION JEWELLERY WHOLESALE (UK) is a fashion jewellery wholesaler in UK (Trade only), created in early 2010 and grow very fast with 40% increase monthly. We have developed strong business relationships that enable us to provide high quality wholesale jewellery supplies at competitive prices with fast delivery. You can advertise dropship products from our catalogue and entrust us to drop ship them directly to your customers. We takes responsibility for dropship delivery, ensuring no marketing materials such as brochures identifying us are included in dropship packages.
Drop Shipping allows you to make a profit on the difference between the wholesale and the retail price, without having to deal with dropship product purchasing, stock management or logistics.
Drop Shipping makes it possible for resellers to advertise a wide range of goods featured in our dropship product catalogue.
Drop shipping allows you have your own fully stocked online store without having to pay huge setup costs. Aphrodite dropship service will be able to offer you the best dropship prices even if you sell a single item (Same as our wholesale price).

There's no capital investment, no up front fees, no need to invest in dropship stock and no danger of you suddenly having large stocks you are unable to sell. Once you have sold a dropship product and have placed the order with us then we do the rest.
Aphrodite is an online fashion jewellery wholesaler and well established supplier of wholesale costume jewellery and wholesale fashion accessories (Trade only!
We have invested a lot of time striving to provide a user-friendly website with useful features and great customer service by email, phone or in-person.
You sell the dropship products and we (Aphrodite Fashion) drop ship the sold items directly to your customers. You promote the dropship products in anyway you wish and collect the payment, then simply place the order with us. Here at Aphrodite, our loyal customer base is largely composed of jewellery retailers, market traders, party planners, Ebay stores and Dropshippers. Our focus on quality jewellery , Fashionable design and honest pricing has been pivotal to our success, and we still hold true to these values today.
Our fantastic wholesale and Dropship service has produced a large, wide-spread customer base.

This ensures that we continually offer our valued customers great deals and unrivalled choice of costume jewellery. We supplies customers with update information, live stock information, high street and wholesale trend information. We have both local and national clients and we endeavour to follow the different fashion trends across the UK. Whether you are based in London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh or Dublin, we have the very latest jewellery, costume and fashion supplies.
We also supply pre-order, OEM order and Sourcing China Service for Fashion Products, expert in Custom Jewellery, 925 Silver Jewellery, Hoodies, Wedding Dress and Glass Frame..
We are able to provide exceptional, wholesale and Dropship Hello Kitty accessories, Shamballa Bracelet, Pandora jewellery and many other costume and fashion supplies. With customers based locally and further afield, we endeavour to follow the different fashion trends across the UK, from London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dublin.

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