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From earrings and bracelets to anklets, rings, studs and necklace, Delhi market is totally diverse in its collection of artificial jewellery. This site is a part of India Online Network – India’s Largest Online network of 475 websites. Unless otherwise indicated, all other trademarks are the property of their respective owners and are not affiliated with Frodoe LLC.
The entrance of this grandeur Sarojni Nagar market is welcomed by tables filled with junkyard jewels. As one enters Janpath heavy metal or light metal or trails of chains and beads, the beauty of buying antique looking jewellery is an experience.
We are the prominent importers and wholesalers of arteffects (Candle Stands, Decorative Vases, Flower Vases, LED Candles, Clocks, Candy pots etc.) and All Kinds of Women Fashion Jewellery (Neckliners, Cuff bracelets, Bangles, One piece suit Waist Belt etc. It is worn by not only students who can’t afford gold or diamond jewellery but by all sections of the society.
Delhi market has exclusive artificial jewellery which is handpicked for the modern women of today.

Available across flee markets or thelas in the local market it is upbeat fashion not only for college goers but major fashionistas. Not only necklace and ear pieces are available but kamarbands, armlets, and other jewellery which we hardly know the names of are also available.
Coming with street vendors selling these junk jewellery has made these local markets as hubs. One can find jewelry for different occasion, be it a casual outing, a theme party, freshers, farewell parties, or even luxurious Indian weddings. Affordable, new looks and style in the age of junkyard jewellery stays put, party goers are cravers for these jewels. Looking for specific piece of junk art, this is a right place where more than 50 vendors are waiting for you for the perfect look. A slightly expensive from the regular local market vendors and Sarojni Nagar, these jewels of Janpath raves maximum compliments. There are plenty of thelas standing in front of big showrooms, offering jewellery made of beads, stones, and metals at a cheaper rate, while in the showrooms one can hire or rent imitation jewellery for special purposes.

Every local market has at least two – three vendors selling earrings, rings, headbands, neckpieces, etc.
At times there are demands for using plating of gold color or silver color on imitation jewelry. These vendors might overlap the designs, but friendly words of wisdom can surely get you the precious jewels, only for you.
Coloured stones which are used in imitation jewelry are of glass, plastic or acrylic Glittering of semi precious gems, twinkle of gold trinkets, and sparkle of handcrafted silver and tranquility of kundan sets jewellery is what Delhi artificial market is all about. Limited in stock and collection, one can though invest in earrings from these vendors later catching with the wholesale at Janpath, Sarojni Nagar and Lajpat Nagar.

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