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Most people will do one thing once they buy a brand new pair of Earrings… Switch the Earring Backs Immediately!
To work Partial Screw Backs, you push the Earring Backs on the Post like you would a Regular Friction Back. Taking a closer look at Locking Back Earrings, you’ll see that the Earring backs themselves are thin little domed-shaped discs with a hole in it.
Take my advice, if you have Expensive Diamond Stud Earrings and want to Protect them and keep them in your Ears and not in your Vacuum, then Buy Locking Back Earrings!
We're sorry, but this particular item has sold out online, so you will not be able to add it to your shopping bag. CAROLEE offers pearl designs from classic to contemporary, fashion forward trend jewelry and social occasion collections. Women trust and collect CAROLEE jewelry, and it is often selected and worn by top magazine editors and celebrities.

The first thing you’ll notice about Locking Back Earrings is that the Post has deep Notches or Grooves in it. I will say, they’re a little bit harder to hold and put on, it takes a little bit of coordination to grasp Curved Domed Discs, but once you get used to them, you’ll love them and never regret it! You may also be able to locate your selection in a store near you using the "Find in Store" link below. I would advise getting your Earrings checked regularly at a Jeweler just to make sure they’re Tight and Durable. They hold it in place and unless you push both Nubs at the same time, your Earrings won’t come off. Because you can push the Flat Discs all the way up the Post and rest them against the back of your ears. I have a Diamond Earring Stud with a Heavy Push-on Back that I’ve had for 7 years now and I’ve only had to replace the back once!

I still find that these type of backs always tend to go on sideways like the light-weight friction back in the picture. I would think it would drive me Nuts, because the Earring Backs would Rotate and Loosen by themselves. Plus real Screw-Back Earrings normally have a Thicker Post that doesn’t feel so Comfortable in the Ear.

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