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If you've always wanted to learn how to make jewelry but weren't sure where to begin, then this collection of beginner tutorials is just what you need to get started! This collection of 16 Free Jewelry Making Projects for Beginners is the perfect thing for you if you are looking to get started in the world of jewelry making! If you are just beginning to learn how to make jewelry, then you should download our free eBook, Jewelry Making for Beginners: 11 Beginner Jewelry Making Projects, for tips, tricks, and easy projects!
Sometimes earrings are the only accessory you need to dress up an outfit, especially when they are bigger statement pieces like these. Necklaces are one of the easiest accessories to dress up a pair of jeans and a plain white tee.
Brilliant, just what I needed to kick start me in my hobby that I haven't picked up for a while. Subscribe to our free newsletter, Bling Buzz, and we'll give you the best jewelry-making tutorials, patterns, and projects delivered right to your inbox! Jewelry Making Journalfree jewelry tutorials, plus a friendly community sharing creative ideas for making and selling jewelry. When you’ve bought several yards or meters of leather cord, the spool is a handy way to keep it untangled.
It’s a technique that traditional leather workers have used for centuries to straighten and soften leather cord. I have a collection of bone beads (see them in the photo above) that I’ve come across just from buying various bead lots that had natural beads in them.
I saved these particular bone beads aside because they have hole sizes that accommodate the leather cord widths I often use.
After I cut off the length of leather cord I need for a project, I simply run it back and forth through one of the beads a few times, to soften the cord and take the curl out of it. For best results, you need to angle the bead slightly as you do this, so that it scrapes across the surface of the leather.
I find that after the leather is softened and relaxed like this, it’s much nicer to work with as a jewelry making component. I think what I especially enjoy about using this technique is knowing that our ancestors used this same method in creating things. Will this work for leather that is kinked from being wrapped around cards instead of spools? Then as you run this test piece of cord back and forth through your bead, try to really scrape those kinked spots to relax them.
Leather can often easily be worked into projects while it is damp, and it generally more pliable than when it is dry. When I use the dyed suede cord I grasp it with an old washcloth and pull the cord through until the excess color stops rubbing off.

Experiment with this technique on a small piece of your cord that you wouldn’t mind using as a guinea pig, and see what happens.
I have only used this particular cord-straightening method on leather, but it’s possible that it may work on other types of cord too.
Get every strategy and secret I've learned from years of selling my handmade jewelry at shows. Copyright © 2003-2016, Rena Klingenberg (or guest author named in article byline), and may not be reproduced without author's permission. It was closed by lobster claps but you can make it adjustable back to with a suitable claps. I, too, am curious how you added the studs; especially when the leather is as thin as I think it is.
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Discover how to make leather jewelry with these free leather jewelry designs using different materials, such as metal, simple techniques and wirework to assist you in creating jewelry pieces that are trendy, refreshing and fun! There’s no disputing that leather is hot in jewelry making right now! You can even buy flat leather lacing in your local craft store. These free leather jewelry making patterns are essential for any jewelry maker learning how to make leather jewelry. Follow step-by-step leather jewelry making projects to learn how to use your creativity to make a personal statement through something you can wear. Build confidence as a metalsmith as you learn the fundamentals in six information-packed resources.
Build confidence as a metalsmith as you learn the fundamentals in fifteen information-packed resources.
Create eleven exciting jewelry designs that incorporate wire wrapping, soldering and metalsmithing techniques.
PAY NOW AND SAVE: You get 10 issues for the same low price of $29.95– that’s over 57% off the newsstand price! Your email address is used to communicate about your subscription, and to provide expert tips & information from Jewelry Making Daily and Interweave. Jewelry making kits are a fun and easy way to learn the joy and art of making jewelry - and possibly discover your next career! We've created this collection of various free online jewelry making projects to help make it easy to choose a starting point. Learn how to give a pair of old earrings a fresh new face, learn how to use up fabric scraps to make some cute accessories, or pick up some easy wire and metal work techniques.
Learn these fun bracelet making techniques and you'll have a simple and quick way to make gifts for your friends and family. Learn how to make big, bold, attention-grabbing rings or simple rings you can wear every day with any outfit.

You want to have a good foundation knowledge of the basic jewelry making techniques before you tackle the free jewelry making projects we've included above.
If you are, then you will like this collection of 24 Helpful Jewelry Making Tips for Beginners! But the downside is that once the cord has been coiled around the spool, it often acquires that curve and refuses to uncurl when you’re ready to make jewelry with it.
Soak the leather, then pat it dry with a cloth or paper towel so there is no moisture on the surface. I recently bought a pair of nylon jaw pliers, but find they only take “just so much” curve out!
Create leather bracelets, chokers and eveno leather earrings, and you’ll be hooked after experiencing this type of mixed-media jewelry making!
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This page contains projects for simple beading, metalwork, chain maille, and even simple, quick projects that require absolutely no previous jewelry making experience.So whether you already own round nose pliers and wire cutters or just a glue gun, we found a project for you. They are all simple necklace patterns that you can make in an evening and wear out the next day. Each of these free jewelry making projects uses a different technique, so once you've mastered one, you can expand your jewelry making knowledge!
These projects impliment the two most common ways to quickly make rings: gluing objects to ringbacks and using wire. To soften and relax the leather cord I dampened it slightly, stretched it gently by tugging a bit, and let it hang to dry. In these 3 FREE leather jewelry making projects, leather becomes a conduit for showing off some beautiful metal and wirework.
Annealing requires that you heat the metal to a dull red with a torch and then quench it in cool water when the redness disappears.
I’ll get a one-year subscription (9 issues) for only $29.95, that’s a savings of 52% OFF the newsstand price.
Many of these free jewelry making projects use simple supplies you may already have lying around the house such as buttons, fabric scraps, and old toys, making it easy to find projects that are not intimidating if you have never made jewelry before. Once you learn these two simple techniques, you can get your creativity flowing and be able to try tons of free jewelry making patterns!
Once you've mastered these fundamental basics, you'll be ready to try all kinds of jewelry projects and maybe even create your own original designs! If I’m not completely satisfied, I can keep my FREE issue and return the bill marked “cancel” and owe nothing. For this heavy-gauge wire, you will need a pretty hot torch such as MAPP gas from the hardware store.

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