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This fabulous lariat is made with a handcrafted wire toggle with a lemon quartz drop, citrines, and gold and green pearls attached to gold chain.
Use beads, head pins and jewelry making chain to make a multi-strand bead and chain necklace. Bead Y Necklace, Jewelry Making Instructions Dec 04, 15 11:35 PMLearn how to make a Y necklace with one wire with step by step illustrated bead jewelry making instructions. Wire Wrapping Technique, Jewelry Making Instructions Dec 04, 15 07:30 PMLearn a beginner jewelry wire wrapping technique, used in making wire jewelry and bead jewelry making, with illustrated step-by-step instructions. Wire Wrapped Pendant, Jewelry Making Instructions Dec 04, 15 07:19 PMMake a wire wrapped pendant using an easy wire jewelry making technique. I have learned so much and appreciate knowing how to make my pieces look really professional. I have just started my hobby in jewelry making and whenever I come across a hurdle, your website shows me how to get over it.
Looking for inspiration for your next DIY jewelry making project?  You have come to the right place.  Every Tuesday I will post a photo of a jewelry piece to help inspire you to create a similar piece or something totally different. I like how the designer combined chain, spike beads, gems, and crystal like gems to create this rocking girly chic statement look.

Feeling inspired?  Why not hunt through your jewelry making supplies and see what you can come up with. To make a memory wire necklace with beads is easy to do, but special jewelry making pliers are required.
If you try to use regular jewelry making pliers to cut memory wire, the steel will bend your regular pliers.
Try making this simple beaded necklace design as a mens beaded necklace for the guy in your life. Imagine creating a unique handcrafted necklace set, or a special pendant or choker to match your outfit! Learn how to make all of these great designs, with easy free step-by-step jewelry making instructions and my tips to make it fun and easy for you to make your own necklaces and pendants. Then, use a beginner wire jewelry making technique called wrapped wire loops to embellish the jewelry chain.It's an easy beginner wire jewelry project. Try this stunning yet simple bead necklace made of green glass beads and jewelry making chain.Jewelry Making InspirationThis was a special request from my favorite customer, my mother.
I used black onyx and dalmatian jasper beads to embellish hammered oval link jewelry chain.

She found a stretch bracelet with these rectangular green glass beads on it at a flea market. Just goes to show that you don't need a lot of beads, or tools, to make great bead jewelry.I am certain that your mother just loved this simple chain and bead necklace. The bracelet didna€™t fit, but she loved the beads.So of course she bought it for the beads and gave it to me to 'create something' for her.
And, if you like, add a jewelry extender to your necklace.This beaded necklace is great to wear for daytime or evening. I used a fairly sturdy and strong chain since the glass beads are quite heavy.Finally, I added a lobster clasp, a little extra chain as an extension and a little metal teardrop bead to finish off the extension.

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