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You are reading the best craft ideas in Jewelry Making Check out our other craft blogs below. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Use these Extra Large Glass Domes to make beautiful paperweights using your own printed images. Sun And Moon bails are high quality jewelry bails that attach to the back of your pendants. 1 Inch Square Glass Tiles - Crystal Clear - Use for pendants, magnets, cufflinks and other crafts.

This beautiful Teardrop Glass Earring Kit is available in Silver, Antique Bronze, and Antique Copper.
This kit includes all of the supplies that you need to make 5 Scrabble tile pendants using our easy to use Sun And Moon Resin Glaze Drops. Glass Tile Pendant Kit - 20pc DIY KIt - Mix and Match Different Color Finishes on Rolo Necklaces and Bails. Discount beads, jewelry findings, jewelry charms and craft supplies at or below normal wholesale beading supply prices. I found a copy of Wire Jeweler’s Magazine on the coffee table in their den, and was *in awe* of the pieces I saw in there!  My grandfather had been learning lapidary work at the senior center in town, and was creating beautiful cabochons that my grandmother was wire-wrapping.

Learn the latest trends and new innovative techniques with metal, gemstones, wire and more. I absolutely love wire-working.  Playing with the wire and my pliers, I enjoy seeing the designs that I can create.
There is something so relaxing about it, and I *live* for my play time!  It was such a rewarding feeling, that I got my mother hooked as well.  We have been creating handmade jewelry designs and jewelry making findings ever since.

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