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Come to our workshop and make this necklace show casing a gorgeous hand made glass bead by artist Deb Behrends. In this class you will turn your focal point bead into a pendant using the wire loop technique.  Create the necklace strand from Czech glass and gem quality black onyx embellished with a sprinkling of sterling silver filigree. With jewelry making projects and economical jewelry making kits, supplies, and tools, great for beginners. If you need a last-minute gift idea and you have some beautiful small boards on hand, you have all you need to create this box. I chose yellowheart from Brazil and padauk from West Africa for their contrasting hues, but any striking combination of hardwoods will do nicely.
Joint one side of each of the yellowheart boards to create flat surfaces, then plane them down to the thicknesses listed.
Shape the curve of the leg using a bandsaw, then sand the cut surfaces using a belt sander. Next, scribe a line along the curved portion of the leg 1?4" in from the edge on both the sides and faces of the leg. While you’re still near the bandsaw, cut a small scallop out of the back edges of the bottoms of the legs.
Glue up the four legs and four sides, then prepare a pattern for cutting the cork that will line the bottom of the box (not pictured).
Before you apply any finish, use tape to mask the places where the fixed part of the lid fastens to the back of the box.
For a quick and easy finish, I chose a water-based, low-odour, clear matte spray in an aerosol can.
Jewelry Making Journalfree jewelry tutorials, plus a friendly community sharing creative ideas for making and selling jewelry.

I am finally feeling like I am getting organized and can find something when I want it … almost. I am blessed enough to have two rooms to use, although one is mostly for the photography end and shares space with my web design business. I wish I had more cabinets like this and if you can get your hands on one I highly recommend it. Once I had the cabinet organized the way I wanted, I took pictures of each drawer (1 with lid on and one with the lids off) and created an inventory book so when I am looking for something it makes it easier. Metal components are all stored on the bread rack and the seed beads are all kept in the large glass front case, along with shipping supplies. It took me almost a year to get everything the way I wanted it (with work and migraines it can be tough). To all who may wonder about the wonderful Surveyors cabinet that I use … when the economy tanked, many small businesses near me went out of business and had to sell off their office. Once the items were all in the drawers, I took two pictures of each drawer pulled all the way out and created a picture book that I can look through when I am planning a design.
Get every strategy and secret I've learned from years of selling my handmade jewelry at shows. Copyright © 2003-2016, Rena Klingenberg (or guest author named in article byline), and may not be reproduced without author's permission. As you work, saw pieces from the board in sequence to ensure the grain is visually consistent as it runs around the corners of the box. Trace the upside-down box on a thin piece of cardboard (cereal boxes work well), cut it out and transfer the shape to your cork sheet before setting it aside. A lovely little gift that goes together quickly while helping you use up nice leftover stock you don’t have the heart to toss out.

I have been cultivating my collection of jewelry supplies and tools for 12 years and it is just recently that I have taken the time to get organized – and it has made such an improvement to my time and peace of mind. The wooden work bench was donated to the cause by a friend, along with the large glass front cabinet. And I am really not this anal of a person when it comes to organization, but I find my migraines are taking little parts of my memory and I forget where things are so this has helped tremendously. I have a converted entertainment center with bead boxes in my dining room where my beads are stored.
Orient the wood so the surface that will become the inside face of the leg rides against the fence. I actually have two stacked (and could use a couple more if I could find them cheap enough). And to think, it all started because I was looking for a yellow Labrodorite stone I had purchased.
Your studio is what inspired me to look for one of these cabinets ?Y™‚ I was very lucky, I worked for an engineering firm & they were getting rid of these because files are all stored digitally now, so they GAVE it to me, free to haul!! These support the padauk bottom, which is a little smaller than the opening to allow for seasonal expansion.
The ones that I got did not have the piece to be removed, although the company I purchased them from may have before. They are not something I have seen anywhere except in used office furniture stores – and rarely there.

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