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Since my jewelry is always is such a state of disarray, I am always on the lookout for jewelry storage solutions. For those necklaces for which it is safe to store hanging, try repurposing an old garden rake like this one at Tub Connection. Black Forest Cottage sells antique print-type drawers that have been repurposed into hanging jewelry storage cabinets. The blogger over at Jen-uinely Inspired took a free-standing jewelry cabinet she had purchased and turned it into this gorgeous silver-leafed beauty. One solution is to purchase a jewelry cabinet like this one shared on This Girl’s Life blog. Another DIY idea is to take old cutting boards, paint them, add hooks, and wall-mount them for hanging necklace storage.
This 37-drawer, 1940s vintage machinist cabinet might have enough storage for my collection with room to grow.
This entry was posted in Shelter and tagged etsy jewelry, jewelry, jewelry box, jewelry organizer, jewelry storage. In a tight economy, small businesses need to think outside the box just to exist, never mind to thrive. Dear Reader: for a long time a large, silver S hung in an alcove in my former Pacific Palisades apartment, surrounded by metal frames and sconces (this was the Silver Phase).
In the days of old and eco-oblivion, you could travel the world, sleep anywhere with 5 stars and be assured of a restful, luxurious, guilt-free experience.
In just a few short weeks, the kids will head back to school, leaves will begin to change colors, and summer will fade to a blissful memory. Remember that squiggly little sign from math class that looks like the number eight turned on its side?
Have you ever wondered where you may have lived in a past life, or felt that you ended up somewhere almost without your control? DIY bedroom organizers are great craft projects blending recycling ideas and creative design.
Ceramic watercolor palettes provide perfect slots for sorting and separating earrings and other small jewelry pieces.
Plastic organizers for ties are excellent for keeping belts, watches and necklaces in order. Orphaned teacups and saucers, bowls and small glass jars are perfect vessels for sorting jewelry, and, when arranged in a velvet-lined drawer, they give you an easy-to-scan bird’s-eye view of your bijoux.
Facebook Twitter Google+If you’re like me and your jewelry organization situation is pretty bad, then why not try out one of the ideas below, most of which you can make in no time at all!

From thrift store finds, estate sale vintage pieces, handmade designs from Etsy and even some family heirlooms, most of my jewelry wouldn’t be described as fine jewelry, but it’s precious to me.
This would make a unique addition to your bedroom decor and you could see ALL your jewelry at one time.
Maybe a Craigslist find that you don’t like the looks of (but serves the purpose for keeping baubles organized), just needs a paint job or other style rehab? The pros–it can hold a lot of jewelry AND it doubles as a full-length mirror (when closed).
Sadly those chests have been discontinued by IKEA, but they have been replaced by other similar products that one could repurpose. Even if your skin care routine has moved beyond the whole disposable razor and soap thing, a modification every now and then doesn’t hurt. It’s especially important to pass the bill now with the real possibility of a Republican majority come next election.
So one might consider it pretty bold of Kate McGregor, owner and founder of (sustainable haven and four-year-old) Kaight in Manhattan to open a second location in Brooklyn. As the end of October nears, I find myself craving something dark that can linger all year long.
Embrace a new season with a little scene change inspired by fall’s most iconic image. That’s why the home design industry is struggling not to be nailed shut while weathering the storm.
It may not have sparked your curiosity then, what with its connection to tedious concepts like set theory, projective geometry and hyperreal numbers. DIY bedroom organizers bring more comfort into modern homes, offering attractive storage solutions for your belts and jewelry pieces.
Ceramic cups and small bowls on a serving tray make delightful displays on dressers when filled with colorful gems. Refurbished and hung in the bedroom, an old wooden cabinet is perfect to stash jewelry, perfume, and other accoutrements. Hook drop earrings on rims of cups, nestle necklaces within them, and stash chunkier beads and bangles on individual saucers. And what’s even more precious is when I can actually find and wear what I am looking for–which happens all too rarely. People didn’t intentionally seek out food that came from nearby, it was simply all that they had.
If you’re in proud ownership of a mantle this holiday season,Halloween is the perfect time to kick off your decorating prowess.

Jayson Home & Garden offers the Claw Bottle Opener ($24), a brass wonder for accessing bottles of pumpkin ale. The world over, former clock-watchers and desk jockeys are leaving their traditional 9-to-5 jobs to make functional, artisan quality pieces for the home. Unusual and interesting bedroom organizers restore order, enrich bedroom decorating with handmade accents and help maintain beautiful and tidy bedroom decor with simple organization and convenient storage solutions. Paint branches on the wall and add hooks or use vintage decor items, like an old chest drawer or window frame to make a tidy yet visually arresting display. Creative and charming cabinet in vintage style is a nice way to enrich bedroom decorating ideas by adding unique and charming accent. Unfortunately, my jewelry is spread out in 4 different jewelry chests, 2 different trays and a hanging display. Since hanging necklaces can be damaging to them, this would allow for plenty of flat storage of necklaces. Paint wooden organizers bright color or select  the color that supports your bedroom decor, creating more interest and harmonizing room. Decluttering your home and recycling useless or broken items for bedroom organizers help design a fantastic wall decoration with your favorite jewelry pieces, and keep them within reach. It’s not pretty, it’s not organized and I’m sure I’m not the only one can say this about her jewelry collection. My point being that there wasn’ta lot to do indoors after school,so we headed outside. After a quick snack,it […] share Choose a Good Cause to Support as a Gift Alternative This Holiday Season Shelter Jen Wallace Choose to opt-out of the consumerism of the holiday season by supporting a good cause. Instead of shopping at the mall this holiday season,use your dollars to support a good cause in the names of your giftees. So,make it really count by […] share 6 Famous Architects and the Homes They Lived In Shelter Kim Derby Architects have clients and clients set the creative parameters for a project. But when an architect is his own client,all rules and artistic limitations disappear and the result is the ultimate self portrait.

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