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We don’t know what will happen next on the scope of world politics, the economy, let alone the unraveling of our personal lives and the prospects of our careers.
Some of us may hesitate and come back inside or take that extra time in the morning to rethink our fashion choices and deliberate on enhancing ‘the look’ with the right jewelry. That being said, this article is for those who like to stay ahead of the game with the latest and upcoming trends. We’ve reached the point where religious symbols are no longer directly tied to their immediate associations. You might think this is no longer the ‘current’ trend because you’ve seen so much of it this year.
2016 is going to be the year that will inspire me to spend my first paycheck on some of these bracelets. I am almost certain that ear cuffs will be pushed further next year, reinventing the simplicity that was so popular this year. Now, isn’t it reassuring that despite all the mystery slowly creeping up on you, you’ll have these inspiring 7 trends to count on?
Regardless of what’s in store for us, we will still wake up, brush our teeth, shower and get dressed. I cannot promise to hit the nail on the head with my forecast, but what I can promise is a glimpse into the trends of jewelry and where the currents are likely to take them next.
I am a proud detective, for this trend is the one most likely to flourish into something extraordinary.

You can pick up one of these rustic pieces without second guessing your choice. This trend is the one we will be seeing echoed in other categories of jewelry. There is something timeless about the elegance of gold juxtaposed with a structured jewelry item. I want you to envision a chain, and consider how may possible variations and designs are possible with an indefinite number of interlinked ovals of different sizes, shapes and colors. Coming from someone who only has one permanent item that categorizes under ‘bracelets’ – the hair tie on my wrist, this trend will be implemented without a doubt. I’ve mentioned I had a sneak peak into the Swarowski design team’s workings for the new trends of 2016, and there were some very impressive combinations of trend 5 and 1. It’s like taking a fragment of a chain, forming it into a hoop and embellishing it to make new pieces of jewelry. You’re likely eying your collection of ear cuffs right now thinking ‘I’m so ahead of the game’ but don’t flatter yourself and your impeccable taste.
Yes, I agree with you on the importance on later customization, uniqueness and personal touch. Day in and day out, we will open our closet and stare into it for what feels like an eternity, trying to figure out what to wear. I will not say much about this one, because I can’t wait for you to see the 2016 jewelry trends from the Swarovski designers team.

We’ve seen them in stores for a few years now I believe, but gold is about to become one of the most prominent palettes in the fashion industry. Yes, which is why this trend will stay, but continue to develop into something new and innovative in 2016. On top of the single hoops I’ve just illustrated, it appears that geometric forms and tribal designs will be implemented as well. Because the ear cuffs you own right now are so outdated compared to what’s coming out in 2016. It’s nice to be in trend but its nicier to add a twist to the trend and make it unique and personalized. Combined with a structured piece gives you that prized possession that can work for any occasion. To name a few of the recurring items: double chain earrings, palm bracelets, belts, chokers etc.

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