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The GOP front-runner, after weeks of talking in vague terms about his plans for the health care system, put out a seven-point proposal last week, just in time for the GOP debate in Detroit and four more primary contests over the weekend. But perhaps the sharpest invective against the plan came from one of the most strident opponents of the Affordable Care Act: Michael Cannon of the libertarian Cato Institute.
While many leaders in the Republican Party in general are in the midst of a “stop Trump” campaign, these health policy experts have very specific reasons for being so down on the health proposal. For example, one of the points of the plan is to “allow individuals to use Health Savings Accounts (HSAs),” with tax-free treatments of both contributions and growth. The GOP analysts also complain that Trump’s plan is at odds with some of the things he’s said on the campaign trail. Trump has also claimed on the campaign trail (although not in his formal plan) that the nation could save as much as $300 billion by allowing the Medicare program to negotiate prescription drug prices.

Cannon noted that “is actually more than twice what state and federal governments spend on drugs combined [mostly for Medicare and Medicaid].
Fox News moderator Chris Wallace pressed Trump on that point in the Detroit debate, pointing out that Medicare spends only about $78 billion on prescription medications. Finally, some aspects of the plan simply defy GOP orthodoxy when it comes to health policy.
For example, wrote Roy, Trump would permit everyone to deduct health insurance premiums from their taxes. ConsejoSano is a telehealth program and insurance benefit that allows health plans, self-insured employers and others to offer members access to around-the-clock healthcare advice from Spanish-speaking physicians, nutritionists and mental health therapists.
We will save $300 billion a year if we properly negotiate.” His campaign did not respond Friday to an email about the criticisms of the plan.

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