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While some people find stud earrings to be a little less exciting than other earring styles, they are classic pieces. People buy earrings before any other jewelry type because the simple adornment can add much to an ensemble. Featuring a pendant of natural brown agate the necklace combines labradorite agate and tiger's eye. We love all of Kenneth Jay Lane's flower inspired jewelry, but we have a special spot for these beauties.

The gem is surrounded by lush flowers and leaves all exquisitely detailed in a sterling silver pendant hanging from a leather cord. Bhavesh presents this beautiful design with a smooth silver chain to complete the necklace. Adopting the shape of beautifully tapered feather, these earrings are intricately constructed with hinged segments that will gently sway with your movement. Each flower has a tiger's eye center six natural rose quartz petals and a leaf made of natural garnet.

These gunmetal-tone brass earrings comprise a round Swarovski crystal stud pendant and long drop pendant.

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