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Being one of the most sough-after brands, Kate Spade New York is simple and bright, chic and neat.
Inga is a future Master's student majoring in Language, Culture and History, who tries to discover something new every day be it a new genre of music or band, a book, a piece of art or a new fashion trend. Get The Latest Trend Reports And News To Your Inbox For Free!We'll send you only the hottest stuff. Be it a Kate Spade mini dress with rainbow prints, a pair of sunglasses or a handbag, the brand is a must-have for any fashioniser. The color palette went from simple black and white to red, then to beige, green, blue and finally, to a mixture of them all. A textured alternative to sneakers, this kate spade new york espadrille flat is best showcased with shorts or day dresses.

We got to admit that it was just a pure joy to watch the models show off the most extravagant dresses, shorts and pants paired with the most fun-tastic of handbags and clutches. We saw an avalanche of stripes and floral patterns on dresses and handbags, panama hats and white-framed sunglasses. Sure to turn heads wherever you go, this kate spade new york Cedar Street Small Luciana is perfect for the new season. Kate loves to experiment with styles by pairing the classical with the modern – we have seen her pair tweed handbags with diamond buckles, for instance. The designer believes that such accessories will give any woman some sense of individuality, she will start feeling creative and very much at ease, she will be willing to take risks. Big floral prints and bow ties around necklines of the dresses oozed elegance and femininity.

Or how about sporting a little house-shaped handbag made of straws saying “No vacancy” and letting everyone know that your heart is already taken? With sprinkle-shaped handbags and bags looking like flower pots you are sure to be at the centre of everyone’s attention.

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