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The first thing that anyone should know about koala bears is that they are not actually bears, but marsupial animals, such as kangaroos. Native from Australia, the koala has a body length of 50 to 85 cm and weights between 4 and 15 kg. Every koala can communicate witch each other and the sound they make can be used for social position and dominance.
Koala bears try to avoid the heat of the day and when they are cold, they usually cuddle, just like humans. People used to hunt koalas for their fur, but nowadays numerous laws protect these animals. Even though in the past few years an increased interest has been noticed when it comes to keeping koala bears as pets, you should know that this act is illegal. What you find on Impressive MagazineImpressive ideas, people, facts and products presented to you daily.

According to the article from Zooborns, three koalas gave birth to joeys in the Summer of 2012 in the Taipei zoo, Taiwan. This particular guy happens to be in the process of performing action number three, and looks to be transitioning towards the first action.
I noticed that it is very often that you find pictures of sleeping koalas and I now know the reason why. To kick off the new year koala style, the next few posts will be about one of our favorite animals: the koala bear.
When I first saw this picture, I couldn’t help but gush at how absolutely adorable this little koala buddy is. Download HD WallPaper: You are viewing Koala Bear with Baby WallPaper HD, Is one of the high definition images that is listed in the Bears category.
This is highly important as when a baby is distressed, it makes a sound very similar to a human baby’s cry.

In the past few years, the numbers of koalas in the wild has decreased due to habitat destruction, traffic deaths and attacks by dogs. This is highly important as when a baby is distressed, it makes a sound very similar to a human babya€™s cry. Don't forget to browse another image in the related category or you can browse our other interesting images that we have. Specialists consider that if action will not be taken to protect the koala population, it could soon become an endangered species.

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