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BIRDIES, Grandma’s Chicken for the people is pretty new to the hood, when we went there it was their fourth month in operation. All are accompanied with lightly pickled napa cabbage, spicy seasoned shredded radish, and three different types of dipping sauce.

It’s a party in you’re the flavor of the tender pork mingling with the pickled radish all wrapped in the soothing crisp texture of cabbage is amazing! The Creamy Spinach is a bit disappointed, too heavy on the cream and cannot taste the spinach at all, maybe its supposed to be like that? Young got the Pulled Jerk BBQ Chicken Sandwich combo with Coleslaw, Pickle and a coke ($8.50). Besides the gigantic bun, the easily fall-apart Jerk Chicken tastes excellente. Have anybody try their Banana Puddings?

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