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Many of our manufacturers contractually bind their dealers to publish pricing that is no lower than a set "Minimum Advertised Price" (MAP).
Thus the pricing you will see on these items when you first visit the item page will likely be set at this MAP price. The Koss QZPro are flawed headphones that fail at delivering decent audio reproduction or adequate noise isolation. Button layout is very limited on the QZ Pros, with just one switch to activate the noise canceling. How the headphones are designed to prevent them from slipping off your ears or falling off your head.
If you plan on using the headphones while doing sports or other physical activities that requires a lot of movement.
When the material is heavy on bass frequencies, such as those of kick drums and bass guitar. The amount of deviation (weighted standard error) in bass frequency response (20Hz-250Hz) as compared to a target response that would sound perfectly balanced to most people.
The amount of deviation (weighted standard error) in mid frequency response (250Hz-2.5KHz) as compared to a target response that would sound perfectly balanced to most people. When the material is heavy on high-range frequencies, such as voice, cymbals, and any other material where brightness, brilliance and airiness is desired. The amount of deviation (weighted standard error) in treble frequency response (2.5KHz-20KHz) as compared to a target response that would sound perfectly balanced to most people.
When clean and pure sound reproduction is desired, though its effect is not as noticable as frequency response. The cable is non detachable and does not provide in-line controls except a volume slider which is dissapointing.
The two-tone color scheme is esthetically pleasing but the low-grade plastic and odd hinge reduces their appeal significantly. The headband and earcup design is a little cumbersome and stiff and does not extend very well for larger heads. The bass does not pack enough punch but is overpowered compared to the muddy low-mids and terrible highs.

The entire treble range is quite under-emphasized, resulting in a muffled, closed-up and lifeless sound. To make the score more perceptually relevant, more weight is given to the higher frequencies.
However, the big jump in distortion at 100dB SPL in the lower half of the frequency range is rather uncommon. The active noise cancelling just generates a hiss that does nothing to block ambient noise from disturbing your listening experience.
This means that the driver is required to remove your item(s) from the truck, but is not required to assist in moving your items any distance. We reserve the right to choose the appropiate shipping company for products eligible for FREE Shipping.
Packing the one-two punch of passive and active noise reduction (ANR), the Koss Quiet Zone QZ PRO headphones are the noise cancelling headphones of choice for music lovers. The build quality is too stiff and feels cheap, especially the sliding mechanism, which is just awkward and frustrating to use. The ear cups, although decently padded, oddly do not provide a good seal, leaving gaps that feel uncomfortable and let sound leak in and out. The audio cable, which is not detachable or interchangeable, only has a volume slider, which is disappointing. The joints are made of dense plastic that feels moderately solid but also makes the hinges stiff. They don't sound good with instrument-heavy tracks and are too hollow for bass-heavy music, which makes them ill-suited for most genres. On the other hand, the over-emphasized bass and high-bass add muddiness and boominess to the sound. The lacking high mids greatly affect the forwardness and balance of vocals and other lead instruments. Upon delivery to a residence, the driver will move your palletized items to the edge of the truck with a pallet jack, cut through the plastic strapping and shrink wrap and then hand the individual pieces to whomever is accepting the delivery. This offer does not apply to any items on the website that do not state FREE SHIPPING near the price of the product.

Their comfort and collapsibility not to mention sound quality make them a favorite among travelers. The headband is lightly padded but oddly shaped due to the hinge and may be a turn off for some.
The headband, however, does not feel very solid and once on, adjusting the ear cups is very cumbersome. Not only is the treble response below the target response, but there's a massive dip in the response at 4KHz.
It may be necessary to have someone available to help you move your item inside upon arrival.Our Shipping and Handling charges include the packaging of your items for freight transit, long-haul transportation costs, Residential Delivery fees (if applicable) and Liftgate services as needed. The FREE SHIPPING Offer is valid for a limited time only and we reserve the right to end or change FREE shipping offer at any time. For passive noise reduction, the QZPRO feature soft leatherette, closed cushions, which create a tight seal around the ear and reduce ambient noise, all while retaining bass frequencies. The sliding mechanism to extend the headband does not feel durable and does not extend very far. This will dramatically affect the presence and intelligibility of most instruments, and especially vocals. Active noise cancellation circuitry embedded into each QZPRO ear cup uses tiny microphones that sample surrounding noise and transmit that information to a processing circuit, which then generates "anti-waves" to counteract the unwanted noise and create a peaceful listening environment.
The padding on the ear cups and the headband is soft but looks susceptible to wear and tear.
Not only do the Koss QZPRO excel at noise cancellation and reduction, they deliver uncannily high quality sound. The dynamic element bears a full frequency response of 40-20,000 Hz, allowing these noise cancelling headphones to boast deep bass and balanced midrange.

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