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We have invented, optimized, and tested in animal experiments a magnetic injection system that can safely deliver therapeutics to the inner and middle ear.
The inner ear is behind the blood-labyrinth barrier, thus drugs taken orally or injected systemically do not elute out of inner-ear blood vessels to reach inner ear tissue.
In this talk I will summarize how our magnetic system works, compare it to prior results (e.g. You possibly already know that hearing loss affects millions of Americans every year, but did you know that hearing "gain" is also a widespread problem? Tinnitus is often caused by exposure to loud noise, so it is best to limit your time in excessively noisy environments.
You possibly already know that hearing loss affects millions of Americans every year, but did you know that hearing “gain” is also a widespread problem? After attending a rock concert, mowing the lawn or other exposure to loud noise, it is common to experience a ringing sound in the ears. According to researchers at the American Academy of Audiology, forty to fifty million people in the United States experience prolonged tinnitus, and for as many as 2.5 million of them, the excess noise they hear interferes with their quality of life. The other type, vibratory tinnitus, is physical rather than neurological, produced by muscle spasms near the ear or vascular problems in the face or neck.

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In contrast to prior magnetic systems, which can only pull-on (attract) magnetic nanoparticles and so would have to pull through the width of the human head in order to delivery nano-therapy into the middle or inner ear, our system can push (it can magnetically inject).
It is thought that drugs delivered intra-tympanically into the middle ear also do not cross the oval window membranes sufficiently to effectively treat inner ear diseases. In most cases, this sensation lasts for only a few minutes, but when the condition does not improve or dissipate over time, audiologists call it tinnitus. Scientists don’t really know what causes the false perception of sound in these patients, but some relate it to the way an amputee continues to feel sensation from an amputated limb.
In some rare cases, a doctor can actually hear a sound coming out of these patients’ ears. If you experience temporary tinnitus, this is a warning signal from your ears that damage is being done. RSS makes it possible to subscribe to a website's updates instead of visiting it by delivering new posts to your RSS reader automatically.

This allows us to use reasonable (safe, below FDA limits) magnetic fields over a short distance to delivery therapies into the middle or inner ear. We have shown in preliminary rat experiments that our magnetic push forces can safely drive drug coated nanoparticles through the oval window membranes from the middle into the inner ear (without effecting hearing or causing other measurable side effects). To reduce your risk of permanent tinnitus, consider wearing ear protection around loud sounds, and turn down those headphones! Using steroid-coated nano-particles we have shown therapeutic effect for treatment of acute tinnitus and noise-induced hearing loss. We have also demonstrated that magnetic pushing can drive nano-particles through the tympanic membrane, providing a non-invasive alternative to syringe or laser intra-tympanic injection.

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