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Imagine putting your headphones on to listen to your favourite music and instead hearing a constant whooshing noise.
Even with the volume turned up all she could hear from her left ear was a rushing sound that never faded away. Janice Dyson relief from Tinnitus Janice, 63, a retired library assistant, started to notice the noise after she fell ill with a totally unrelated spinal problem and was given powerful drugs. Doctors suspect, although they cannot be sure, that some of the medicines she received may have triggered the debilitating problem. Audiological tests showed some slight hearing loss and Janice was fitted with a hearing aid and a device that generated a€?white noisea€? to try to mask the sound of the tinnitus. It didna€™t work though and in desperation she contacted The Tinnitus Clinic in Birmingham for help. The sound enrichment component of the therapy is designed to provide ad hoc control over the patienta€™s tinnitus awareness with a long-term goal of bringing about perceptual habituation to the tinnitus signal. Our audiologist at The Tinnitus Clinic, Rugina Begum says: a€?Janicea€™s sound enrichment was set up to match her tinnitus. If your symptoms are similar to Janice Dyson's, contact us to book your Initial Assessment. Our video explains the neurological causes of tonal tinnitus and how audiologists at The Tinnitus Clinic are able to treat it with a pioneering therapy known as Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation. The Tinnitus Clinic is the leading provider of the latest evidence-based tinnitus treatments in the UK. Tinnitus triggered by prolonged exposure to loud noises is caused by damage to the minute hairs in the inner ear. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
Thata€™s how it sounded to Janice Dyson every time she wanted to use her iPod to relax to some much-loved tunes.

Soon it started to disrupt her sleep, damage her concentration and severely affect her mood.
White noise is a bit like the a€?statica€? sound on a radio when ita€™s not tuned into a station properly. Experts there suggested Tinnitus Desensitisation Therapy TM, involving counselling sessions combined with a€?sound enrichmenta€? to gain greater control over her tinnitus. We offer a highly personalised service and a commitment to audiological best practices to significantly reduce your tinnitus symptoms and hearing loss. Having spent half a century gladhanding guests in his hugely successful nightclubs, image is everything to him and upsetting people is anathema.A Sometimes, however, he simply cannot help it. He is far too confident to be laid low by his ailments, and is speaking out to mark Deaf Awareness week in the belief he can offer hope to those in the same position. Ever since that flight, 27 years ago, Peter's hearing has gradually deteriorated to the point when, nine months ago, he finally removed the hearing aid from his left ear and accepted that it was 'goneA  -A  basically dead'.
Without it I dona€™t know what might have happened, I really feel for people who are told there is nothing that can be done.a€? she says.
Such as the occasion when he was attending the Pride of Britain Awards and Tracey Emin, the enfant terrible of British art, caught him swapping her table place card with that of his wife, Bella.
Peter, however, points at a number of potential factors besides noise - while readily accepting he was reckless with his hearing in his youth. Having been in the nightclub business since 1962, standing on stage alongside the likes of the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix, it's no great surprise that he suffers from hearing problems. The irony is not lost on me that I can't go to a disco, and I'm the guy who introduced them to this country!' Now, Peter would never consider going without the aid - a Widex PA115 which is all but invisible in his ear and retails at around A?1,800.
Yet it was a flight in 1983 which first triggered the tinnitusA  -A  a constant ringing in the earA  -A  and which has plagued him since.
I'm completely deaf in my left ear, so it would be completely pointless for you to sit there because it will ruin your night and mine." 'I think she was a bit surprised that i was so open about my deafness.

I was on stage with the Pretty Things and stood for 45 minutes right next to the amplifier.
It's not anybody's fault and if people can't deal with it, then it's their problem, not mine.' Such candour is typical of a man who - courtesy of a facelift and several thousand pounds worth of dental work - looks 20 years younger than his genuine age. The first time I got it I was in a restaurant and, all of a sudden, I was thrown on to the floor, as if somebody had hit me on the head with a hammer.
And for people like myself, for whom it's too late, they have to remember it's not their fault. With a 28-year-old wife - a former ballerina, no less - and a booming business in the youth-obsessed world of nightclubs, he exudes vigour and good health. Engage him in conversation for longer than five minutes, however, and the reality emerges, accompanied by a dazzling flash of those pearly whites and a trademark guffaw. Peter's father, who worked in Sheffield's noisy steel mills, wore a hearing aid and Peter's son, Scott, a 42-year-old racing driver, is already experiencing hearing problems. Jacqueline Sheldrake, the audiologist who treats Peter, describes what he endured as 'a Meniere's-like episode'. Meniere's Disease is a condition of the inner-ear caused by fluctuations in the fluid, leading to feelings of vertigo, tinnitus and progressive hearing loss.
I've got a lazy left eye which is effectively useless and just lately I've started seeing spots in the other, which means I spend half the time looking around like I'm trying to catch a mosquito.

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