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After waiting for the magical and arbitrary age of ten to arrive so that she could have her ears pierced, Gemma took the task of cleaning them very seriously. Just sharing this story as a precautionary tale as I had no idea an earlobe could essentially swallow an earring.
Kelly Bloom via Facebook - The same thing happened to my daughter when she had hers done around age 5, but it didn’t happen until we switched from the secure backing type earring to a regular target type earring. Melbo Martin via Facebook - Rachel, I’m not sure Gemma will want to hear this but my ears rebelled almost from the start. Brittany Thiebeau via Facebook - This happened to me when I was little and it was a very traumatic experience.
Andrea Farrell via Facebook - Ouch, bless Gemma, gosh she sure is tasking those Teen years of Fear early for you Rachel, first the Halloween Scare and now the Ear Scare. Hop on the list to get exclusive deals as well as access to all of Sesame's dirty little Secrets where I expose my life just outside of the frame!

She was diligent with her duty, but just about a month in, seemingly out of nowhere and literally overnight, an infection set in on the left side only. When it was time to have my daughter’s done I took her to a piercer at a tattoo parlor.
The Doc got it out on our first visit though … But I remember being equally as horrified when I looked at it one night and saw the back was inside her ear!
I had the back of my earring get stuck in my earlobe and the hospital had to also remove it with forceps – no pain medication whatsoever. Earring backing got pushed up into her earlobe and earlobe skin started to grow over it before she told me. For the second piercing, take her to a tattoo shop piercing place, if it was done with a gun the first time. I would be saying NO to belly button piercings until she’s had a kid of her own ?? hehehe. This happened to my daughter, I thought she lost her earring and that she had a huge pimple like spot on the hole, which I squeezed and out popped the earring!!!

It was a fast developing infection and I witnessed the earring get embedded into her ear as I was having a closer look. The needle way of piercing removes skin, whereas the gun pushes it out of the way, which can lead to problems like this. Gemma was terrified that she would end up with one of those ultra-hipster GIANT holes where her earring had been.
She was little and the doctor didn’t want to cause any traumas on her having it forced removed, she had an anesthesia that made her sleep for about 10 min.
The horrible part- the backs were screw on, so there was no way of removing it while the diamond was in my ear.
I knew I was in over my home remedy head at that point, so we went to the doctor and came back with antibiotics and some reassurance that most times the earring reemerges after the inflammation settles down.

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