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We the Kitahara Group consists of four institutes; Kitahara International Hospital, Kitahara Rehabilitation Hospital, Kitahara RD Clinic and Kitahara Life Support Clinic.
We are specialized in Neurosurgery and provide outstanding services to our patients throughout all the stages of the medical care from preventive treatment to rehabilitation even after patients' recovery and leaving the hospital.
Kitahara International hospital caters various services from emergency surgery, MRI scans, cerebral angiography, to thrombolytic therapy on 24-hour, daily basis. Kitahara Rehabilitation Hospital specifically serves for the patients who are not in the severe stage yet require consistent rehabilitation training. Our most dedicated staffs have pride in assisting patients to recover their body functions with well understanding and cooperation of patients' families. We also established a psychiatric unit specialized in mental disorders and offer a wide range of treatments such as pharmacotherapy, occupational therapy, group therapy, music therapy etc.
MRI?MRA, Carotid Echography, Blood Test, EKG, Fundus Exam, Vision Exam, Hearing Exam, Weight Check, Body Fat Percentage. Our goal is to provide you quality care with state-of-the-art facilities in front of Hachioji station. With 9 departments including neurosurgery, we provide comprehensive services for the diagnosis, treatment and preventive care of all conditions that affect your healthy life.
1.Currently, we operate 6days a week, in addition, neurosurgery and pediatrics departments are available on Sunday as well (*afternoon only, Sunday).

2.English, French, and Chinese(Mandarin) interpretation are available to serve the special needs of international patients at psychopathological department on Monday afternoon.
3.We are fully equipped with innovative facilities such as MRI, CT to enable you to get diagnosis and examination on the same day.
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Breast cancer, even the very early stage and the patients cannot feel as a lump, can be detected. Hang numbered signs on the doorposts of each room and write the same numbers on the appropriate boxes. Oh, I wouldn't worry much about him, Modra told her, so long as you didn't really kill him.difficulty breathing chest pain dizzinessdizziness when lying down early pregnancyarnold chiari dizzinessdizziness and neck pain and nauseaache in spine dizziness sleep disturbances1041 university avedizziness shortness of breath fatigue pregnancyawwa valve exercising standardswhat helps with the dizziness of vertigoWhen you move or relocate, to ensure your household goods arrive at your new destination without a scratch, our Jupiter Movers recommend that you start with a good packing list so you purchase the right packing and moving supplies. Do a comparison on total cost if items were purchased separately and watch out for any seasonal sales.

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