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Running turkey bird in cartoon style for sport team mascot or another design or idea of logo. Back in August, we brought you a preview of Hum-a-Song, an iOS music game that's incredibly similar to Song Pop.
Hum-a-Song pits you against 1-3 players per game, as you take turns humming portions of songs that your opponents will need to identify.
Once you've chosen a song, you'll be able to listen to a short preview of the song straight from iTunes. Whether it's a player that decides to sing a song's lyrics rather than hum it, or simply speak the title to you, there are plenty of chances to cheat or ruin the fun of the game, and we've experienced that first hand.
Thankfully, you're not forced to guess a song's title "out of thin air," and will have an assortment of words to choose from when it's your turn to guess. Ultimately, Hum-a-Song feels like an experience that will be either loved or hated by players. The Honey Bunny Song a new campaign by Idea cellular already has a whole lot of people humming the tune and setting them as caller tunes. Some user-contributed text on this page is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. At the time, the game was supposed to see the light of day in late August or early September, but we've had to wait until now to actually see the game launch on the iTunes App Store.

You're forced to connect to your Facebook account, and can then access Party Ensemble Mode that will allow you to invite up to three of your Facebook friends into a single game with you. At the beginning of a turn, a player is able to choose from a variety of musical genres, ranging from today's hits to 1970's classics (and a whole slew of categories in between). It's then up to you to decide which portion of the song to literally hum while the game records you. Furthermore, if your opponent is playing in a crowded environment, you might struggle to identify the song due to background noises. The title of the song is broken into individual words and it's located somewhere within that assortment, so it's then up to you to seek them out.
If you're comfortable with your ability to hold pitch and rhythm, you might be lucky enough to find another player that can do the same (or will be greeted with hilarity when you find someone that can't), but the experience is nowhere near as fun as Song Pop, which the game is obviously looking to overtake. Now that we've had a chance to go hands-on with this humming-centric game, we've found that while it likely won't dethrone Song Pop as the king of the iOS music game, it's also good for a laugh.
Unfortunately, this Party mode isn't available for strangers in this early version of the game, so you'll need to manually invite your friends to play with you to try it out or ignore the mode entirely. To celebrate the launch of the game, all of these categories are unlocked and are available to choose from, although future versions of the game will lock these song lists to coin prices. This is the overall "hook" to the game, as music clues come in the form of hums from each player, rather than just listening to iTunes samples, but it's also what ultimately hurts the game the worst.

This works both ways, as your own gameplay opportunities will be incredibly limited, if you tend to only play iOS games during breaks at work or school or when commuting.
You can purchase and use power-ups that will eliminate some unnecessary word options, and you can thankfully replay a player's "hum" multiple times if you're struggling. While Hum-a-Song's free price definitely makes it worth downloading and testing, I'm afraid it may not have what it takes to compete in the long run.
But if someone at work or home sets it as their ringtone, you might want to throw something at them! What's more, the game doesn't sort your Facebook friends list alphabetically, so if you're looking for a particular friend, you might need to scroll through dozens or hundreds of friends (depending on how many friends you personally have on Facebook) to find just the right one. You can earn coins by accurately guessing songs that your opponents hum, or you can of course purchase them with real world cash.
That is, you'd look rather silly humming into your iPhone on the middle of a crowded bus or train.

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