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Here are basic steps using which you can do a Telugu bridal make-up all by yourself at home. The second step is to use corrector on spots and places like under and sides of the nose, below the lower lip, under-eyes, eye lids, jaw line and cheekbones. There are various options to choose from on the way you would like to enhance the eye brows. On the cheek bones, use a nude blusher or the ones with very light pink or peach undertones. These easy to do steps require basic knowledge of make-up and you are sorted with the make-up part for your big day.

Use a clean and moist make up pad and with slight patting motion to give the face a smooth base. You can use powdered liner, black eye shadow that has a little glitter, Kajal pencil or eye brow pencil to deepen the eye lashes. Use of very dark shades is not preferred, so use one that goes well with the outfit and suits the skin tone too. Try not to use bold and dark colours, because Telugu brides are the perfect example of simplicity at its best. Using a big brush remove the extras from face and neck to prevent the look from becoming cakey.

As for her make-up, jewellery, hair-do, and costume are very rich and elegant, therefore, the facial make-up needs to be very light to prevent a very flashy and over the top look.
Also note that these contain no SPF because base make up with SPF will make the appearance in photographs light. Use mascara on upper and lower eye lashes and finish the eye makeup with the final touch of Kajal.

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