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Working with sterling silver he shapes the butterflies' wings with rope-like threads to create a rich contrast of textures.
Chrysocolla a gem of love shares its blue-green natural glow with these extraordinary earrings. The hand-crafted dangle earrings feature sassy beads of recycled plastic with a leopard print motif.
Faux-lapis beads provide a bolt of blue while etched silver-tone charms lend an instant array of artistry. The Play Ice Earrings come in silver and feature a jeweled drop earring design, silver chain detailing, round and square rhinestone detailing, and post-back closure..
A mix of colorful inlaid stones, playful proportions, and bright gold plating makes these drop earrings the centerpiece of any outfit. Meaning destiny provides in the Ewe language the earrings from Rita Addo Zakour are crafted by hand with sustainable sese wood and recycled plastic beads. Featuring a hand-crocheted base a sumptuous 36 carats of faceted onyx gems are surrounded by clear quartz beads and topped with cultured freshwater pearls. Thai artist Nareerat crafts the dangle earrings from dyed heart-shaped quartz and glass beads.
Double crescents suspend a gorgeous gathering of charms in this stroke of bohemian brilliance. These gunmetal-tone brass earrings comprise a round Swarovski crystal stud pendant and long drop pendant.

The artisan adorns white hand-crocheted rings with the jasper beads adding brass beads above for sparkle. These silver earrings feature metallic diamond silhouettes at top, chain fringe, and post back closures.. A pair of hallmarked solid sterling silver pointed lightning bolt earrings with a highly polished finish. The bolts sit on the ear like a stud and the point hangs below the lobe like a drop earring.
The Tri Me Earrings are silver metallic and feature a triangle ladder design, chain fringe, and post back closures.
Silver jewellery remains at its shiny best when worn daily or kept in a dry, air-tight box or bag. To clean any tarnishing, simply polish with your Edge Only silver cloth to regain a silver finish.
Regular use of a silver cloth removes light tarnish and inhibits re-tarnishing, prolonging the original sparkle of your silver. Radiant, gleaming rings of 24k pure gold are displayed in a drop silhouette, interlocking upon a slender ear wire in a design of eminent sophistication. Set in 925 sterling silver, these 0.24ctw diamond earrings offer great value without sacrificing great style. She uses polished bull horn beads in a warm brown shade flanked by smaller beads of natural bauxite and soapstone.

Thai artist Nareerat crafts these dangle earrings from a combination of dyed round quartz glass beads and twisted copper wire accents. She selects polished lapis lazuli and faceted beads for the lovely illusion that hangs from sterling hooks. Artisan Wayan Asmana in Bali recreates the coins in sterling silver in these unique dangle earrings.
Featuring embellished artificial pearl, the three feathers shape, these drop earrings can work its magic to make you more delicate and elegant. Vivienne Westwood presents a dazzling set of classic earrings that add a touch of glamour to any outfit. A silver imitation rhodium asymmetric heart is fully embellished with clear Swarovski crystals and features a silver Vivienne Westwood Orb at the centre. Ippolita Glamazon pieces are created through an innovative metal fabrication technology, by which an electric current is used to deposit metal onto a wax mold. The mold is later removed, resulting in a strong yet lightweight piece of jewelry that is seamless yet dimensional.

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