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We are only a few weeks away from the big show so prep your cars and book those hotels! It’s that time of the year again when the largest group of Datsun Roadsters gathers in the beautiful town of Solvang, CA.
Thank you everyone who made the trip on Sunday from Z Car Garage in San Jose to the top of Mt. At ZCG we love the UPREV tuning platform and it allowed us to maximize gains from a new GT MAF, larger injectors and upgraded fuel pump. Robert C had such a good time driving his G35 at Laguna Seca that he came back to ZCG for more track preparation!
Z Car Garage - Southern California Z-Car shop services Datsun, Nissan and Infinity cars, offers customization, race prep, and performance tuning, body work and modifcation. As I slept, strong winds whipped against my house in Buena Vista for what seemed like hours.
I had unfinished business remaining about shuttle drivers for Sunday and Monday, Day 4 and Day 5 respectively.
Sometimes I receive compliments about my writing - that I'm talented and a "natural" at written expression. Receiving direct feedback from my editor in California (from a different project) has also helped.
I wonder if in this moment I will hear "Hey!" or that someone will come out to confront me.
I capture another photo of Johnson Village and notice many smaller mountains I've climbed are in the background.

My fingers fumble with the camera settings, and I don't have time to adjust them perfectly. I slow my hiking pace and look down at the railroad ties, as I think and pray about things for what seems like a long time. I reach Chaffee County Road 301, a long dirt road that connects Johnson Village with Highway 285.
Of course, with my luck, gusts of wind slam hard against me once I set the camera on the tripod.
ShareDid you know that you can extend the life of your Refrigerator by vacuuming the coils?
Our fridge is designed really poorly and with the way our kitchen is set up it is nearly impossible to pull it out. I only think to do that about twice a year, but they’re horribly dirty when I get around to it. I just replaced my 15 year old Amana this week & never knew about cleaning coils, until the energy guy gave me a special brush to do it with. More importantly these big-brakes will ensure repeated, fade-free braking while running on the track! Since cleaning the coils we have lowered the energy level that the refrigerator runs and everything is staying cold as it should.
I certainly feel better about cleaning it out and cleaning the refrigerator coils to extend the life of our appliance.

If you weren’t able to make the trip, we missed you and hope to see you at another of our events soon. While enjoying the Z on his commute Gary noticed a loud humming sound and came to us for diagnosis. I suppose it’s just dust and grime but how does it get through the little slats in the cover? We had a great ride with a few unexpected rewards – a group of GTRs at the observatory when we arrived and some horseless carriages on their way up Mines Rd. Powering and tracking out of the carousel then running her all the way from there to the brake zone for turn 11 is just…all I can think of to describe it is the word “happy”. Anyway, I cleaned it  and we got 3 more years out of it until the issues we’ve had in the past week. It is warming up a bit outside but not enough that it should make a difference in the amount of energy the appliance uses to refrigerate food. I have no clue how old our Refrigerator is all I know is that it’s an original appliance that was in the house when we purchased it 10 years ago. From the color and Amana brand I can only guess it’s approx 15-20 yrs old maybe more.

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