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Etymotic's HD-15 High-Definition electronic earplugs let users hear normally when things are quiet, but kick in when sudden loud noises occur. If you work someplace where sudden loud noises frequently but intermittently occur, it can get kind of frustrating - you pretty much have to choose between protecting your hearing with ear plugs, or being able to hear what people are saying when it isn't noisy. Not only do the HD-15s not impede hearing when it isn't noisy, but with the flick of a built-in switch, they can also amplify ambient sound by 15 decibels. Sensear utilizes a similar system, in which directional microphones enhance speech, but block other sounds. The HD-15 High-Definition electronic earplugs are available for US$499 via the Etymotic website.

Your basic earplugs, unfortunately, don't let you hear when things are quiet, but then activate when loud noises occur. The QUIETPRO+ Intelligent Hearing System also uses an integrated microphone to detect loud noises, at which point its noise-reduction function kicks in. It appears that one advantage that the HD-15s have over QUIETPRO+ and Sensear is that everything is contained with the plugs themselves, with no additional hardware required. The company also makes versions optimized for people shooting guns, and for military applications. It additionally features a conductive microphone that is located inside the user's ear canal, so they can talk to other people by radio without unfiltered background noise drowning out their voice.

Etymotic Research's HD-15 High-Definition electronic earplugs contain tiny microphones, that instantaneously cause the plugs to block incoming sound waves when they detect noises over a given threshold.

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